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The Holocaust was a horrible event in history. amirite?

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No shit Sherlock.

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Izu Izu


No shit Sherlock.

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Izu Izu

And 2+2=4. The point of this website is to say opinions that AREN'T universally shared and to have other people agree or disagree with you.

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HOW did this get homepaged?

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No shit.

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Some_Dude Some_Dude

I disagree. I was totally on the Nazi's and Hitler's side. They were so successful. If it was really horrible, why would so many Nazis join?

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In response to “I disagree. I was totally on the Nazi's and...

You're right! Imagine how great the world would be now with the superior race.

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AntiJokeChicken AntiJokeChicken

In response to “You're right! Imagine how great the world...

... I was being serious.

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In response to “ ... I was being serious.

... So was I.

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AntiJokeChicken AntiJokeChicken

In response to “... So was I.

We should team up, and conquer the world so everybody likes it in the butthole.

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Ok, people. Just because you strongly agree with the post doesn't automatically mean you have to home page it. If it's something that's really, REALLY obvious, like this one, you can just go ahead and click "Yeah You Are". It doesn't need to be right at the front of attention.

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MrRite MrRite

There was some stupid butch on Facebook saying the holocaust was a good think because there needs to be population control and people are generally bad. I hate seeing shit like that on my newsfeed haha.

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NoImNotHittingOnYou NoImNotHittingOnYou

Are you a Jew?..

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And in other news, Google is a search engine, amirite?

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God_the_Almighty God_the_Almighty

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