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You've been in love before, amirite?

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And what a **** experience that was!

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deeviant deeviant


But true love lasts forever :P

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Asiatheduck Asiatheduck

In response to “But true love lasts forever :P

It can be "true love" and not last forever. I like to go by this saying that "just because it didn't last forever, doesn't mean it wasn't love"

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Witty_sob Witty_sob

i'm 13......

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In response to “i'm 13......

So that's a yes.

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SemiColin SemiColin

weird concept though

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BobWilson BobWilson

Either you never did, or you always will.

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Abbles Abbles

I'm in love with my dog!

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Maybi Maybi

I'm in love with food! <333

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Sahara9189495514 Sahara9189495514

And what a **** experience that was!

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deeviant deeviant

Yeah, Then I ate my cake.


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jraaey jraaey

My right hand and I have decided to spend time apart, but we still deeply care for one another

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Blind_Thief Blind_Thief

with Darren Criss. Gosh, I still am. Too bad he doesn't know I exist.. haha.

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adriana_heather adriana_heather

Yes, and one could say I'm making my way there again (I'm trying reeeally hard not to).

I truly do not buy all this shit about "true love" or "if it doesn't last forever, it's not love". Love is an emotion, and just like all other emotions, you handle it differently based on the situation. The natural life expectancy of human beings has been 30 years or less for most of history, and we aren't sexually mature until half that age. We needed a motivation to make kids QUICKLY so they would be fit to reproduce by the time we died. Love is pretty much just the drive to mate with someone and stay with them to raise offspring.

I think you can fall in love with almost anyone, regardless of whether or not you would work with them in the long term. There are a ton of factors that can cause a relationship to fall apart, and none of them take away the legitimacy of what the people were feeling. The success of a relationship is based on almost everything except the love itself. Saying love wasn't real just because the relationship didn't last is like saying someone isn't sad just because they aren't clinically depressed.

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Mike_Hawk Mike_Hawk

In response to “Yes, and one could say I'm making my way...

Everything is very well said, except it's absolutely false that we have had a 30 year life expectancy, its actually never been that low. Up until 200 years ago though, globally, we had a 30 year average life length. So there's that. It just doesn't work with your argument.

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In response to “Everything is very well said, except it's...

I looked it up, and it actually has been that low until more recent times. It has even dipped as low as 20 years at some points.

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Mike_Hawk Mike_Hawk

Depends what kind of love you're talking about. Small scale crush, even large slake crush, yes. Not quite love in my opinion. I love my parents too.
But no, I haven't fallen in love of the opposite **** so deeply that I consider it serious falling in love.

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Happy Happy

I hate when people say "true love lasts forever." Where do you get your logic from, Disney movies? There are so many other factors to falling in love with someone, and sometimes it falls apart because people change and situations change. But that doesn't mean you were never in love with them to start with.

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In response to “I hate when people say "true love lasts...

There was a time when, when something broke we'd fix it. Now we throw it away and pick another.
That is especially true speaking of relationships.

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In response to “There was a time when, when something broke...

I completely agree with you. All I'm saying is that love, realistically, doesn't always last forever.

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I've never been in love. I've crushed, I've been infatuated, obsessed even. But I don't think I've ever been in love.

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muddyringlets muddyringlets

In response to “I've never been in love. I've crushed, I've...

Sounds like a movie quote.

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iceeselenawiz iceeselenawiz

In response to “Sounds like a movie quote.

It's a muddyringlets quote.

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muddyringlets muddyringlets

I can't really know. I don't think I understand the difference of love and like personally. I mean can anyone give you a definite "Yes, you get a COMPLETELY different and recognizable feeling" because I'm sure divorced people thought the same at one point.

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Skr3wBall Skr3wBall

I don't know. I feel like yes but sometimes I think no it's not "love".

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KirstenAnn KirstenAnn

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