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On a scale from Anne Frank to Osama Bin Laden how good was my hiding spot? amirite?

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i'd give it a waldo

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i'd give it a waldo

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In response to “i'd give it a waldo

Rofl! I was gonna say Carmen sandiego...

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SickLoveLetter SickLoveLetter

This is totally a fb group..

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This is very stupid. Both these people were very good at hiding - Anne Frank remained unfound for months. Surely you should replace her with somebody who is rubbish at hiding, so that a genuine scale can be established?

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In response to “This is very stupid. Both these people were...

It's not clever if you get caught, despite how long you lasted. Unless, you lasted until you died. Or a thousand years or something. But, yeah..

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TicTacAddict TicTacAddict

In response to “It's not clever if you get caught, despite...

just because you get caught, doesnt mean it was a bad hiding spot, osama is probably going to get found, and you will be like "well he was good at hiding, anne frank wasnt". he got found, so did she, you cant have it both ways. and its kind of hard NOT to get caught if there are thousands of Nazis looking in every house, bombing streets, and killing people.

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In response to “just because you get caught, doesnt mean it...

he didn't get caught...
and even if he did, he will have lasted longer than anne, that's why he's the best

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In response to “he didn't get caught... and even if he did...

i said when he does get caught, then both of them would have been found.

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In response to “just because you get caught, doesnt mean it...

There are some Jews who hid effectively and didn't get found I'm sure. One of the reasons Anne Frank is so famous, is because she COULDN'T hide well.

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TicTacAddict TicTacAddict

In response to “There are some Jews who hid effectively and...

good god. yall are taking it to seriously. its just a joke, ha

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saywhaatt OP

In response to “good god. yall are taking it to seriously...

I was just sayin'. :P I never take anything seriously, unless it's a gay post. (:

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TicTacAddict TicTacAddict

Hahaha clever, very clever.

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I like it. :D

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Abbles Abbles

LOL. Tragic.

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As hilarious this post is, as of today, it just does not stand up. Waldo is still world champ.

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