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About me.
Hi. I'm from good ol' indiana. I wonder why we don't have a song written about us! California Girls, Viva Las Vegas, Sweet Home Alabama, Hotel California, i mean, really! Why not Indiana? JK, nothing is here, besides corn fields anyway... o well! Whatever. I like sports, singing (idk how good i am cuz one of my friends says im horrible {jealousy maybe?} and one says im good, so idk... i'm average! YAY!), music in general, and using () a lot! i like to climb trees 2. im active and lazy (if that even makes sense...) and using ... too much... jk lol i did that on purpose! or did i... ;) but anyway, i get distracted sometimes, but i dont care i think randomness makes life so much more fun! You only live once, you know! I like baking cookies, and eating them too! I hate when perfect, delicious cupcakes are ruined by too much icky, surgary frosting! UGH! i love animals, and hate animal abuse. i hate stupid fads and what not, but i think everyone has the right to like what they want. i hate when people take this site too seriously, i mean come on people! its all for fun! If you are gonna be all mean, then go away. no one wants a meanie! i hate when people hate on the people who hate on celebrities. It's all for fun, seriously! Everyone has the right to their own opinion! I hate people who are offended by racist comments when the comment isn't even about their own race! I think its funny when people on different sites ask, "Wait, are you from INDIA or INDIANA?" I think there are some words that are just too hard to spell, and should be illiminated from the english language! like iliminated, i no its a relatively easy word, but still! ugh! i love questions with no answer, or questions that really make you think! like "If a fly has its wings cut off, is it considered a walk?" or "Why is a building called a building? Should't it be called a built?" I hate people who are sexist, and people who are too sensitive to sexist jokes. I babble sometimes, i apologize. I also say "Sorry!" wayyy too much!
My friends tease me about it. I enjoy feeling like a ninja, because i am one, but shh... don't tell the pirates! jk im so ninja that pirates can't get me. In case you didn't know, pirates and ninjas are sworn enemies. But ninjas rule! don't deny it! And yes, ninjas can reveal if they are a ninja, cuz we are so cool that its ok for people to no! i love you, but i also love basketball, so ya... there i go again with the ... ing! o well whateva! i bet most of you won't even read this, but thats ok. i dont care. somebody, somewhere, will care enough to spend sometime reading this. woo! its nice to think that someone loves you and you don't even no it! i wish i could read minds tho. life would be easier! I know, i got lazy with capitalization. I just started typing, and didn't really focus on that. I had too much to say and didn't wanna forget any! :-D


I think your username:D

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