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About me.
Hi. I'm Anne Marie, but you can call me Broseidon. I frequently stay up too late and eat a little too much. I'm kind of sporadic and a little bit volatile, but hey, it makes life interesting. Music is a major part of my life (specifically band), and I really don't like stupid people. Here's a few random things that I appreciate.
- Neil Patrick Freakin' Harris.
- Girl Scout Cookies.
- Music that doesn't sound like death and a cat trying to pass a kidney stone.
- Playing music (specifically on euphonium or piano).
- Creepin'.
- Singing unnecessarily.
- The Internet.
- Freddie Mercury.
- Awkward jokes.
- My bros.
- Community/How I Met Your Mother/Sitcoms that don't suck ****.
- Exercising my unusual vocabulary.
- Making smoothies.
- Reddit.
- Avatar: The Last Air Bender/The Legend of Korra (I could seriously talk all day about my theories and opinions and favourites and dislikes blah blah blah).

Also, there's a lot I dislike, and the following list is only the beginning.
(if you are one, then stop reading this, and go shove your face into a toilet after reading a few books.)
- Arrogant, Stereotypical Teenaged Females
- People in general.
- Onions.
- Bad grammar.
- Bad smelling people. (seriously, just take a **** shower.)
- Having dirty hands.
- Finding foreign objects in my food.
-Curling irons.

Music tastes: Fun., Modest Mouse, Coldplay, the Beatles, Queen, Weezer, Lady Gaga, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Florence + the Machine, Matt & Kim, the Black Keys, Mumford & Sons, Death Cab for Cutie, Girl Talk, Bass Nectar, Lil Wayne (good for exercising and pretending to be cool to), Ben Folds Five, Foster the People, Stars, Arctic Monkeys, Justice, Barenaked Ladies, Bill Evans, Yiruma, Phillip Wesley, and an assorted blend of other folksy-rock and vintage pop-rock that I'm forgetting, along with a good bit of instrumental and classical, specifically piano.

So yeah. I'm (arguably) not a terrible person, atleast not always. I don't know what my reason for typing all of this even was, for this is the Internet and nobody cares. Yeah.

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