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California is the only state where animals have rights and gays dont. amirite?

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California is one of the most gay-friendly places in the U.S.

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Lkun Lkun


tired and old .... why do we have so many people pushing their politics?

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In response to “tired and old .... why do we have so many...

Yeah, why SHOULD people talk about politics on a site invented to share opinion and create discussion about it?

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polarthebear polarthebear

California is one of the most gay-friendly places in the U.S.

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Lkun Lkun

would you idiots just shut the ** up about gay-preaching? if you want to do that shit go to a starbucks buy a latte and ** about all the other bad stuff in this world like all the other douchebags in this country. this is a website for laughs and fun, get a life.

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xiofang xiofang

In response to “would you idiots just shut the **** up about...

I agree with most of what you said but this is website to post your opinions...not just for "laughs and fun".

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Nicole_Anonymous Nicole_Anonymous

In response to “would you idiots just shut the **** up about...

You're a retard. No, seriously. First of all, the post is humorous, so it would fit your description of this site. Second of all, this is the kind of post that the site was made for. Third, why don't you go to every post in the "politics" section and ** to them about how you shouldn't talk about politics? Fourth, there is nothing wrong with campaigning for basic human rights, and people who do are not communist . Get a ** clue.

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polarthebear polarthebear

In response to “would you idiots just shut the **** up about...

Wait, you YYA'd this? What are you smoking?

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polarthebear polarthebear

Gay people have rights...Though gay couples are not allowed to get married, they still retain the right to free speech, religion, bear arms, a trial by jury, etc. And just because they cannot have a legal marriage does not mean they cannot live together or associate with each other. Also, while I am in support of the government recognizing gay marriage for legal purposes and such, you really cannot say that they don't have rights.

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In response to “Gay people have rights...Though gay couples...

Some people's (NOT ALL) definition of gay rights is worshiping the ground they walk on... at least it seems that way.

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Lkun Lkun

It's really not, though.

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I think saying they have NO rights is a little extreme, they just can't have legally recognized marriages, and I'm pretty sure California isn't the only state that still hasn't legalized gay marriage.

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Tallglassofwater Tallglassofwater

This is funny but why would you choose California of all the states? I'm pretty sure they are pretty gay-friendly there.. like damn you should visit some south eastern states brah!

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In response to “This is funny but why would you choose...

(bro):Everything you just stated became invalid at the word 'brah'.

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Nataschalea Nataschalea

In response to “@878941 (bro):Everything you just stated...

I sincerely apologize if my lingo bothers you, ma'am, but you must understand that I am a bro, and this is how I do, all day er' day.

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In response to “I sincerely apologize if my lingo bothers...

Or you're an asswipe. Both are acceptable.

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Nataschalea Nataschalea

Huh ? I swear I thought Cali was like super gay friendly ?

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gays ARE allowed to married in California. just sayin'

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