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Lesbians aren't rejected by straight guys...

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wobbuffet wobbuffet


Lesbians aren't rejected by straight guys...

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wobbuffet wobbuffet

Yeah last time I checked straight guys love lesbians...and I don't know anyone that rejects lesbians. This post annoys me.

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Lolita Lolita

So not true.. I have more lesbian friends than straight female friends.

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Generalisation fail?

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No. Guys love lesbians and not all girls reject them. I know a lot that don't.

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Nicole_Anonymous Nicole_Anonymous

Being a lesbian does not affect friendship at all.

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TheBlindMan TheBlindMan

Straight guys do like lesbians(well, not butch ones, obviously) and it makes me giggle. It's kinda ironic; it's not like they want YOU guys, and the chances of an actual lesbian letting you watch are pretty effing slim =P

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Black_No_1 Black_No_1

Theres a lesbian at my school and she looks straight up like a guy and shes friends with both guys and girls.

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If this were true, I would say it counter balances the fact that girls can do a lot more things like hugging and other things without being called lesbians, but as soon as a guy gives another guy a hug he's called gay

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Kluklayu Kluklayu

I know a lesbian girl that's best friends with another lesbian. They hang out in a group with girls and guys.

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Kaitlyn Kaitlyn

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