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About me.
I was here before, never made an account, got bored... now I'm back. Aren't you thrilled?

About Me?
I'm a grrl~
I smoke trees(till the day I die)~
I love humanity, but I often hate people~
I fight the good fight, every **** day~
I am extremely intelligent, so I guess all the ignorant **** who say tokers are stupid were wrong~
If you have a brain and know how to use it, feel free to holla~
If you're an idiot and decide to anyway, I refuse responsibilty for your butthurt little feelings~

How would life be if the world smoked weed?
Guaranteed there'd be peace, not greed.

You are a sacred being of light,
Projected into reality for a purpose,
Demand the right to your moment,
In this holographic gift with no rules, no borders,
Except for those who you choose to accept and live by.

I'm glad that I can read,
I'm glad that I can write,
I read their ** ** every single night,
Then off in my head went a little ****' light,
They told me what was wrong and they told me what was right,
World Bank; power and control,
Issuing the money and they're dollin' out the roles,
Charging what they want to with the money they control,
Living in their nightmare, giving them your soul!



I love ur name haha!

I demand you keep pissing off the softball chick.

the internet is srs bizness.

Ohai, my doppelgänger xD

I think I remember talking to you before; we have stuff in common, that's cool.

I read the first line, scrolled down and realized how much you wrote. Then I didn't read.

You're really awesome you know? Now leave me alone.

Ignrant means uneducated or unaware. You're unaware about how freaking annoying you really are.

tl;dr you still suck (y)


Thank you for proving what an ignorant, self centered, fucktard you are.

I actually think its pretty damn funny when people think they're better than someone because of their age.

You obviously don't have the brain capacity to formulate a good response, making yourself seem like a bigger person isn't cool. Get off your high hors.

lolumad? @ below

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