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What's the point of reading if theyre reading shit?

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What's the point of reading if theyre reading shit?

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In response to “What's the point of reading if theyre reading...

Well it probably raises their vocabulary by a few words. Not to say that Twilight is written with a lot of big words, but kids these days barely read and therefore have a much lower vocabulary than those who do read a lot, and it even taught me a couple of words and I read a lot. And it teaches some grammar and correct spelling and a bit about how to write a story.

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In response to “Well it probably raises their vocabulary by a...

The only thing it teaches would be how NOT to write & the only word it manages to teach its readers is 'chagrin'

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In response to “The only thing it teaches would be how NOT...

Dude, dude. I didn't know "empathy" and "epiphany" before I read Twilight. 3 words. Oh, what now.

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Take it off of them and give them Harry Potter, they will soon thank you :)

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cheeky_sophie cheeky_sophie

My teacher says this ALL the time, and she hates Twilight.

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sugarbaby sugarbaby

I would think the same if the book wasn't riddled with grammar mistakes and had a generic, half-cooked plot. It's about as educationally beneficial as a teenager magazine's article about the 'dangers of dating.'

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Meyer's writing is soo pedestrian. There's really nothing you can learn from reading her books.
Read the dedication of New Moon: "No one has ever been given more loving and unconditional support than I have been given by you." Really? She couldn't find a better way to phrase that? Her series is full of clunkers like that one.

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wobbuffet wobbuffet

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