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If we all just through all of our problems into a pile, when we saw everyone else's, we'd reach in and grab our own back. Amirite?

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mark_ mark_

In response to “threw-

Dammit! I never make mistakes like that *smh*

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Sobriquet OP


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In response to “*threw

I already said that I knew I made a mistake. The fact that this was the first mistake I've made on here should tell you that I don't need this help. I think you knew that, too.

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Sobriquet OP

I vote down due to terrible grammar; ie, *threw

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In response to “I vote down due to terrible grammar; ie, *threw

(Maximumnerd@school): I vote down due to terrible knowledge of which is which; is, *threw is a word, the spelling is not grammar

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TheTall123 TheTall123

In response to “I vote down due to terrible grammar; ie, *threw

(Maximumnerd@school): *Voted, don't vote someone else down for a simple mistake.

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Nish Nish

In response to “threw*

@929688 (shorkian): You guys are ****.

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Sobriquet OP

In response to “@929980 (Jesus_Christ): @929688 (shorkian):...

ahah chill I was kidding.

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anneso53 anneso53

In response to “ahah chill I was kidding.

Yes, and that's why I was annoyed.

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Sobriquet OP

Ashton Kutcher

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elena elena

I wish you could through them in a pile, it'd make a lot of people stop whining.... ps:" your'e welcome OP

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kevinthegiraffe kevinthegiraffe

"Um... That one there that says 'Can't decide what to spend his mountains of cash on'? That one's mine! *grabs and runs*"

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MrRite MrRite

^^ Y'all are pretty harsh to someone who's still learning English. Let's all attempt to post something in Italian, see how well that goes? And besides, at least it was a real word that she said and everything, rather than misspelling "threw" or something.

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Amirite? I am right.

In response to “^^ Y'all are pretty harsh to someone who's...

(Amirite? I am right.): I'm pretty sure it became a joke.

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In response to “(Amirite? I am right.): I'm pretty sure it...

I'm pretty sure it wasn't funny.

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Amirite? I am right.

wow ALL this over a simple word... threw and through SOUND the same they are synonyms it was a mistake we all make mistakes (even you, Nazis) there is no reason to make someone feel bad all because they misspelled a word!

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LoVe97 LoVe97

In response to “wow ALL this over a simple word... threw and...

Thank you. And you know, I didn't even misspell it. I used a different word, but the word that I did use I spelled correctly!

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Sobriquet OP

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