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A lot of rappers wouldn't have careers in the music industry if the word "**" didn't rhyme with "**", amirite?

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They don't have careers in the music industry, they have careers in the rap industry.

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ThatOneNut ThatOneNut


They don't have careers in the music industry, they have careers in the rap industry.

+7383101 Reply

ThatOneNut ThatOneNut

In response to “

howd you know this was my favorite song?

-6612 Reply


In response to “

I'd love to see them try to censor this song....

+3333 Reply

Rene_Magritte Rene_Magritte

In response to “

"This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on depiction of harmful activities."


+2727 Reply


In response to “

Excuse me while I love this...

+11112 Reply


In response to “

That must've taken SO much time to write, it's really deep and thoughtful; makes me reevaluate the meaning of everything.

+34351 Reply

Erin Erin

In response to “

My friend showed me that video months ago, we can't stop saying it now D:

+88 Reply


In response to “FUUUUUUU-

it's a joke you guys. No hard feelings?
I just thought, you know, since everyone was sharing youtube links...

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Your_Stalker Your_Stalker

In response to “

I sang that shit **! What the man now you got some in the comment section my . What the hate that shot **

011 Reply


In response to “

I love all the people that went on there just to write "I FOUND THIS BECAUSE OF AMIRITE.NET!"

+99 Reply


In response to “

if you listen really closely, he says **** at 1:37

+88 Reply

Nerris Nerris

this is the best post I've read in a while

+9112 Reply

wilmanamefit wilmanamefit

There would be no rap industry at all if "****" and "shit" didn't rhyme.

+52542 Reply

Brett Brett

In response to “There would be no rap industry at all if...

They don't rhyme.

-32537 Reply


In response to “They don't rhyme.

Yes they do.

+49523 Reply

Brett Brett

In response to “Yes they do.

According to rappers, they do.

+18191 Reply


In response to “They don't rhyme.

They don't rhyme.

-437 Reply


In response to “There would be no rap industry at all if...

Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks

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ender ender

Made me lol so hard, but I love rap, its the **** "gangsta" rap that ruins the industry. Rappers like Chris Webby and Mac Miller are niiice.

+17203 Reply


In response to “Made me lol so hard, but I love rap, its the...

Some links to his good songs?
I like Chuckie Akenz :]

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TalkingRice TalkingRice

In response to “Yes...

Already been posted. ^^ It's the best summary of modern rap I've ever seen.

+561 Reply


Fantastic POTD, congratz!

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dan94 dan94

In response to “

That made me laugh really damn hard, thank you.

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Vex Vex

Or if 'drugs' didn't rhyme with 'prison'.

+23241 Reply

Vex Vex

Tigga rhymes with ****

+88 Reply


I didn't realize jmayrod got a second account... (d)

+48481 Reply

Admiral_Beena Admiral_Beena

Or, in this guys case, if 'hbbhhdmdmhhddeehdhdhee' didn't rhyme with 'hdyahbbeabbadaabbmmdee'.

+16167 Reply

thinkfathomless thinkfathomless

In response to “Or, in this guys case, if...

My´╗┐ IQ just went down a few points.

- HalfPastDead121 1

+77 Reply

TalkingRice TalkingRice

In response to “

can I listen to it?
reading it doesnt have the same...feeling as listening to it :]

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TalkingRice TalkingRice

Your follow up made me lol (y)

022 Reply

ashbashcrashed ashbashcrashed

Im so tired of people dogging on rap music. It is a lot harder than you think to make a three line song last for 5 minutes. Consequently i have just described my love life metaphorically.

+121 Reply

Pakalolo Pakalolo

every time i'm on amirite you are too freddy.....time for you to make real friends?

+22 Reply


What happened to the follow up?

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MonkeyBubbleWrap MonkeyBubbleWrap

In response to “What happened to the follow up?

It had nothing to do with the post, and was removed.

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Loser Loser

Being white, I find your choice of words offensive.

-11 Reply

Julian Julian

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