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"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." Eleanor Roosevelt had no idea that she'd be summarizing this website when she said that, amirite?

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And even smaller minds still repost. Use the search bar; ****.

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ThatOneNut ThatOneNut


And even smaller minds still repost. Use the search bar; ****.

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ThatOneNut ThatOneNut

I wish you had put it as small > average > great

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QuaintPancakes QuaintPancakes

And MLIA, average people, talk about events!

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I like how you're discussing a Person in this post :P

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Smooth_Criminal Smooth_Criminal

>Small< right here.

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ultispy ultispy

What if you talk about all three? :o

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In response to “What if you talk about all three? :o

Then you have the ability to divide by zero and the world explodes.

... So don't do that.

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KitKat13 KitKat13

In response to “What if you talk about all three? :o

You have a socially adept mind.

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BlacklightsAndQueens BlacklightsAndQueens OP

If the mods have the "final call" then they can delete it if they want instead of talking about it on their formsprings

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Mary Mary

I have come to a conclusion that I think should be said along with this quote. Socially adept minds discuss all three.

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BlacklightsAndQueens BlacklightsAndQueens OP

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