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Some of the nicknames you have make no sense at all, amirite?

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I have like 12 and the only one that makes any kind of sense is lead :/

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pb55020 pb55020


I have like 12 and the only one that makes any kind of sense is lead :/

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pb55020 pb55020

when i was on a hockey roadtrip, a drunk guy called me legolas because of my hair :P

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name name

My brother's friend has called me Henry or Horris for about 12 years. I've never understood, but its become accepted.

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_hannah _hannah

I guess my nicknames kind of make sense to me, but other people have been like "wtf is a Moofin?"

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The best nickname I've ever had is Soupermuffin Not-Brian. I don't think there is any possible way that could make sense.

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Starlight_dragon Starlight_dragon

Tatertot **. Doesn't make sense to most people, but it is an inside joke that involved me getting hit in the ** by a flying tatertot.

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Sierra43 Sierra43

In response to “Tatertot ****. Doesn't make sense to most...

How did that happen?

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littlewonder littlewonder

In response to “How did that happen?

My friend flicked a tatertot off of his lunch tray from a couple tables away in school and it hit me in the ****. >=/

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Sierra43 Sierra43

Amish_Llama is actually my nickname in real life. My best friend is Ambidextrous Unicorn.

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RunThePacific RunThePacific

My friend likes to have one name that only she calls me, so she's had a ton of different nicknames that caught on with everyone else. Now I have 20 nicknames. Who knew you could make so many variations of Mayrose?

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Jeff Bridges. I have no idea why...

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BurnyBurn BurnyBurn

Turtle fly and Joesephia are the only ones I can think of that don't make sense.

Once, my friend went a whole year without calling me by my real name.

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Meredith Meredith

In response to “Turtle fly and Joesephia are the only ones I...

Cool story bro, you should tell that at parties.

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awesomesocks awesomesocks OP

In response to “Cool story bro, you should tell that at parties.

Actually, everybody I hang out with knows the story because they were there. So there'd be no need.

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Meredith Meredith

My friends always call me 'camel hump' because of my big nose. I guess it's weird if you don't know what they're talking about and it probably sounds a little kinky :/

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Encore93 Encore93

My mom calls me Putani... It's Italian for **. Sometimes I get called Putanesca, which pretty much means "** sauce". 

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MacaroniSalad MacaroniSalad

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