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The polar ice caps are melting. Now polar bears are going to steal land from the grizzly bears, enslave black bears, and make panda bears build railroads, amirite?

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Dont Listen to Castle this post is **** genius

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Where is this even remotely funny?

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CastleSkyles CastleSkyles

In response to “Where is this even remotely funny?

This question does not make sense, unless you're asking something along the lines of 'at what location would you laugh at this joke?' or 'where do you have to live to find this funny?' in which case, I presume people in the country of Qatar find it hilarious.

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I_Predict_A_Riot I_Predict_A_Riot

In response to “This question does not make sense, unless...

It sounded right when I wrote it, and English isn't my first language if that's any excuse. Opinion remains the same though. Apparently I lack the ability to see how this post is funny.

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CastleSkyles CastleSkyles

In response to “It sounded right when I wrote it, and English...

It's a play on history, or at least that's how I interpreted it. This is how I see it:
Grizzlies are North American bears, therefore in the 'bear terms' of this post, they are Native Americans. Many argue that their land was stolen by the arriving Europeans.
Black bears are a play on African Americans who were used as slaves in many parts of North America and around the world.
Panda bears are from China. In the late 1800s Chinese immigrants were permitted to move to Canada (often with a high head tax) if they were to work on the Canadian Pacific Railway.

I'm not 100% sure on who the polar bears are, maybe Europeans, but this post is using bears to reference history in a funny way. Hope this clears it up!

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In response to “It's a play on history, or at least that's...

Thank you! You hit it right on the nail. Polar bears are white, like the majority of the europeans who settled in North America. I wanted to work Koala bears in there but it just wouldn't fit

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Pompsy OP

Dont Listen to Castle this post is **** genius

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In response to “Dont Listen to Castle this post is **** genius

I wish I was screwing genius :/

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Rhinocrow Rhinocrow

I could have sworn I heard this from some stand-up comedian...
Or maybe it was just the voices again, predicting the future amirite post. Wouldn't it be awesome, by the way, if you could predict what the next PoTD would be? Meaning, wouldn't it be awesome to be Anthony?

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BlueJayWay BlueJayWay

And the brown bears can hop over all the fences built by the polar bears.

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StarKidSky StarKidSky

polar bears have white fur but their skin is black..

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RosaVs RosaVs

In response to “polar bears have white fur but their skin is...

It's a joke. Nobody cares about the details.

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In response to “It's a joke. Nobody cares about the details.

a very unfunny,nonsensical joke.

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RosaVs RosaVs

i like this! even though i'm asian.
at least you've got your history right.

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sabachthani sabachthani

This is my joke! I'm Sammy Obeid, google 'Abearica' and you'll see me doing it...who posted this?

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sammykobeid sammykobeid

Oh and to the one who called it nonsensical, lol, riiiiight

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sammykobeid sammykobeid

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