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I would be pretty great if your **** could speak fluent French or something, amirite?

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Yours don't already do that?

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pikabeau pikabeau


That would also be really odd... like you would have to tell them to shut up in the middle of class. Btw, where did this thought even come from? :)

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Kirrrby Kirrrby

In response to “That would also be really odd... like you...

Yeah, I thought about this a while ago, I've always really sucked at French. So I thought it would be pretty awesome or if one spoke French and one spoke English so they could translate stuff for me. Boobie translator!

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_Ashlie_ _Ashlie_ OP

In response to “Yeah, I thought about this a while ago, I've...

Haha like Google translator! :D

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Kirrrby Kirrrby

In response to “Yeah, I thought about this a while ago, I've...

So THAT'S how babies learn languages!

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Spain Spain

I don't even want them to be speaking English, that would freak me out. Like if they wouldn't shut up when you're trying to sleep

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Imagine during ****!

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TheSexyWaffle TheSexyWaffle

In response to “Imagine during ****!


"Okay babe I'm done."


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Vitae Vitae

In response to “"OMELET DU FROMAAAAGE~" "Okay...

Aha dexter that episode was hilarious.

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Tweetbaby14 Tweetbaby14

Yours don't already do that?

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pikabeau pikabeau

It's post like these that make me wish that amirite had a "WHAT" button.

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Sup Sup

Sounds annoying, but they could teach me so that parts cool. Also i won't have to speak to myself anymo.. oh wait i still am but whatever you get it. And why French of all the languages?

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In response to “Sounds annoying, but they could teach me so...

French is the language of love. And everyone loves ****

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Then you could FRENCH kiss them lololol, I'm funny :')

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KickAss KickAss

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