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yes, but reading it in class is pretty funny. Shakespeare was a perv :)

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drama_nerd drama_nerd

romeo and juliet only fell in love because when he met her, romeo was baked. he takes a pill from his friend that will ''make him fall in love'' because he was supposed to see Rosaline

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it was an example of love at fisrt site...But i get what u are saying

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tmt890 tmt890

plus no one ever realizes that romeo and juliet die in the end...

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Also, no one realizes that SHE WAS ONLY 13 (well, about to be 14) and he was like 18 and went to the party to stalk her cousin...

It's downright creepy when you think about it.

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No. They loved each other, even if it's ridiculous and impractical. When they first met, their alternating dialogue formed a sonnet. That rhymed, and had perfect meter. Has that ever happened to you?

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2Infinity 2Infinity

In response to “No. They loved each other, even if it's...

Actually, Shakespeare planned it that way. You DO know the story, I assume? Romeo was moping about a girl that wouldn't reproduce with him, so Benvolio convinced him to go to a party to find a hotter girl. Romeo notices Juliet...for her looks. Juliet notices Romeo...for his looks. They get married, based solely on looks. Not even a day after they meet. Even Friar said it was very soon. It's more like they were both kind of ****. Being nearly 14 meant your life was half over back then, I know, but it's not love. It's hormones telling you you need to pass on your genes.

Love is meeting someone, getting to know them, enjoying everything about them. Love is not based on looks. That's lust. They killed themselves out of passion. They knew NOTHING about each other.

Oh, and half the stuff in that book is in couplets.

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In response to “Actually, Shakespeare planned it that way...

Shakespeare planning it that way is no argument. You think the rest of the dialogue was real? The fact that their first dialogue was a sonnet was Shakespeare's way of showing they were soulmates. No other characters do that.

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2Infinity 2Infinity

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