The Little Mermaid just wouldn't have been the same if Ariel was fat, <strong>amirite?</strong>

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The Little Mermaid just wouldn't have been the same if Ariel was fat, amirite?

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Well, it wouldn't have been the little mermaid, now would it?

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goodtime goodtime


That's hot

+485137 Reply

Arman Arman

wow. amazing! haha

+44 Reply


In response to “wow. amazing! haha

One of the few good drawings to come out of the "everybodydrawstuff" phase in amirite?

+10122 Reply

runnerdude runnerdude

I'm so in love with this drawing, I can't.

+20222 Reply

Suzywao Suzywao

Well, it wouldn't have been the little mermaid, now would it?

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goodtime goodtime

In response to “Well, it wouldn't have been the //little//...

Come see The Obese Mermaid! Coming soon to a theater near you! Featuring the musical masterpieces "POUnd-er the Sea," "A Bigger Part of Your World," "I Won't Kiss the Girl," and "Disproportionate Souls"!

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Favvkes Favvkes OP

All of the stupid drawn amirites were worth it to get to this gem.

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In response to “All of the stupid drawn amirites were worth...

No offense to this post or Favvkes, but not all the drawn posts on this site are stupid. There are some that are even better. (d)

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God, her expression looks deranged. BRAVO :D

+2424 Reply


this is **** hilarious

+451 Reply


She probably ate Sebastian.

+42421 Reply


In response to “She probably ate Sebastian.

More like Sebastian and his entire family.
And Ursula.

+949418 Reply

MartellusBoss MartellusBoss

In response to “She probably ate Sebastian.

As you can see, her mouth is always open, things just swim in there. Then before they know it they're trapped.

+232413 Reply

SkylarOctavious SkylarOctavious

In response to “As you can see, her mouth is always open...

Also her foot long belly button is a portal straight into the dark repulsive pits of her stomach.

+12131 Reply

SkylarOctavious SkylarOctavious

In response to “Also her foot long belly button is a portal...

I think we've solved the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

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Her seashells aren't really doing much to cover. They're not bikini tops anymore... more like nipple protectors?

+484912 Reply

CherryBlossom CherryBlossom

This is scary...

+55 Reply

Chewbanshee Chewbanshee

She looks like Adel lol

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Damn, I'd tap that. (hello)

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In response to “Damn, I'd tap that. (hello)

Get in line

+19194 Reply


In response to “Get in line

Is this the back of the line? Just waiting my turn.

+7811 Reply

CherryBlossom CherryBlossom

I'm a fatty! I'm a fatty! Everything's better, with ham and cheddar, take it from me!

+202338 Reply


We should all post irrelevant cat pictures.

+333416 Reply

StickCaveman StickCaveman

In response to “We should all post irrelevant cat pictures.

No, I'm rather enjoying not having any of that crap for once. So far.

+792 Reply


This is so disturbing. I give you a gold medal, though! --RSR

+44 Reply


This made me laugh really heartily, like a viking. A HA HA.

+10101 Reply

Ethan Ethan

Haha ,omg i died

+451 Reply

chiddybang chiddybang

As opposed to other movies, which would have been exactly the same if the main character was fat.

+671 Reply


This looks a lot like my male French teacher.

+881 Reply

Moose Moose

Ariel- Ariel Bold

+11 Reply

deeviant deeviant

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