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You shouldn't be judged for buying Club Penguin membership cards, even if you are a teenager. amirite?

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You should be judged. However, the judgement should be "damn that's a cool kid".

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lemmethink lemmethink


This is how I feel about My Little Pony. It's a show, people need to stop hatin'.

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Sex_With_A_Snail Sex_With_A_Snail

In response to “This is how I feel about My Little Pony. It's...

Well, my problem with bronies, if you will, is that they're obsessed with it like nothing else. I really like the Walking Dead, but I don't base my life around it. My username is Ridge, not "ZombieSlayer". I don't identify myself with a TV show that was originally directed at children.

And I think that's why so many people are "bronies". I don't care if you like the show; that's fine. I like Blue's Clues. But it's the fact that there's the stigma involved with being a brony - the idea that you like the show, along with these other people that like that show. So you all identify with each other, consider yourselves bronies, and become obsessed with the show.

I have some friends that are bronies. Their personalities are fine. They're good people. I just don't like it when they "bro-hoof" and then obsess over the show before telling me that I should watch it, and they've made it their life's goal to make me watch it.

I remember and like your posts. I've favorited a couple and voted on many. I don't really remember what your username used to be. I've noticed that you've changed all of your amirite profile to something pony-related. And that's my problem with bronies.

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Ridge Ridge

In response to “This is how I feel about My Little Pony. It's...

I've changed my username a couple times. Got bored and decided to move on. Two years ago I was Kookoouchu, then Twitchey, then SomeDude, and now I'm SomePony. The reason it's more "pony like" now is that I just started watching the show, and thought it be funny to change my profile. And someone made my new avatar, a rendition of Rainbow Dash in my old avatar's style. It was mainly because of my avatar.

As for the obsession with MLP. It's a really good show. I think the reason the fanbase has evolved into a culture is that the show is unique. I'm not going to say you have to watch it, but if you did, you'd see that it's more than "OMG Ponies and magic and friendship". It's a well constructed show that doesn't take it's self too seriously.

In my every day life, I don't usually talk about MLP unless another friend of mine wants to and even then I try to avoid the conversation if someone else is around who doesn't watch MLP. I don't want the non-bronies to feel left out of the conversation sine 60% of the time, they never know what we're talking about.

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Sex_With_A_Snail Sex_With_A_Snail

In response to “This is how I feel about My Little Pony. It's...

Alright, then that's fine. My problem lies in obsessions that are beyond stable, which many bronies seem to have.

Trust me, I've heard people raving about the show, and others saying that it's not that great.

Anyway, I feel like it's kind of like that very religious person that's trying to "save" you. I think many people would understand that; the person that is very obsessed with their religion and brings it into everything. They try to convert you with every chance they get.

Sure, I'm fine with them being religious and all, but don't bring it into everything and don't try to convert me. I can make another analogy with very close-minded political people, but I think you get the idea.

Casually liking the show is fine in my book, but not obsessing over it.

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Ridge Ridge

In response to “This is how I feel about My Little Pony. It's...

Woo Walking Dead!! :D

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Takko Takko

It's so fun to screw with all the little kids on that website. I'd be on right now if my parents hadn't deactivated my membership. (frown)

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ctiscooler ctiscooler

In response to “It's so fun to screw with all the little kids...

NO GOOD. YOU CAN BUY ONE MONTH THINGS AT TARGET! But I got runescape instead and now I'm totes regretting it because they have avengers outfits right now

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Egotistical OP

You should be judged. However, the judgement should be "damn that's a cool kid".

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lemmethink lemmethink

I loved Club Penguin... before Disney bought it in 2007. When I went on a little while a go I barley recognized the place

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LovelyGreen LovelyGreen

In response to “I loved Club Penguin... before Disney bought...

Same! It used to be awesome. Now it's just... weird.

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Rainboots Rainboots

I used to have a membership.
I swear. My igloo was TRICKED. OUT. XD

But now I don't go on anymore:/

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Takko Takko

In response to “I used to have a membership. I swear. My...

Mine is so **** awesome. Except I'm not a member so it's all stored up. But I will be. Someday.

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Egotistical OP

I remember the first time I bought a membership I felt like a badass. I finally had cool clothes and we all have to admit, most of the members have cliques. :3

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Holy shit. Its most definitely changed since 2006...

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greatrande greatrande

Everyone who voted No Way should really reflect on the things they've done on the Internet, and then tell me whether Club Penguin is worse. (hehe)

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I just think there are better things to spend money on.

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In response to “I just think there are better things to spend...

I agree, but they're also only like 8 dollars.

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Egotistical OP

In response to “I just think there are better things to spend...

Isn't it like 60 bucks for a year long membership?

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kay_nic1695 kay_nic1695

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