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You cannot compare the two! they are all awesome in their own way and cannot be pitted against each other it is not the Brony way.

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Simplyceleste Simplyceleste

In response to “You cannot compare the two! they are all...

That is why I made this post.

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Lamb_of_God Lamb_of_God OP

I've always liked Applejack, ever since she wanted that ticket from The Ticket Master for good causes, rather than personal gain like all the other ponies. She's a generally kind, responsible, determined, hardy and lovable pony; she might be just an Earth Pony but the way she's pretty much taken control of Sweet Apple Acres to help out her family makes her one of the most likeable ponies, in my own opinion. I reckon the reason that people don't like her so much is because she hasn't had an episode yet where her true self isn't put to the test and puts them out of their normality.

Pinkie Pie, on the other hand, is also hard to fault. She's just so outright bouncy and joyful that it's hard not to grin when she jumps along with her happy face.

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Whacka Whacka

Spell it right (un)

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