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If you watch pregnancy backwards, it's about a she-monster that absorbs a fetus into her ** and keeps it in her for 9 months absorbing it's nutrients, then a man puts his into the ** and sucks up all of the remains. amirite?

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And here I was having such a nice day...

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Well that is just....just awful. My mind will never think the same

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Jonesy Jonesy

And here I was having such a nice day...

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The mysterious case of Benjamin Button...

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chocolatecakeisbad chocolatecakeisbad

I'm just wondering how your mind came up with this...

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In response to “I'm just wondering how your mind came up with...

Someone on Failbook

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Gee, thanks for the mental image.

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You stole this from tumblr.

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In response to “You stole this from tumblr.

** proof please? No evidence, shut the ** up. kthx

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In response to “You stole this from tumblr.

There's your proof, you **** obnoxious asshat. Scroll down.

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In response to “You stole this from tumblr.

yes, I put that I got it from a different website...

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Chace Chace OP

Or she donates it

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A uterus is different from a ****. And I'm not sure if "fetus" is the right term after birth.

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Time to step away from the internet.

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jraaey jraaey

I am kind of frightened to ask what train of thought led you to this conclusion...

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TheVibeAlchemist TheVibeAlchemist

The foetus doesn't stay in the **** for 9 months. Jesus.

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silvershadow6 silvershadow6

everyone here is on drugs

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shelbybuckffs shelbybuckffs

In response to “everyone here is on drugs

I enjoy Crack CO-CAINE

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Jonesy Jonesy

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