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You can't call it cancer because the cell divisions are organized as they should be.

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You can't call it cancer because the cell divisions are organized as they should be.

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In response to “You can't call it cancer because the cell...

But it eats away at you... and takes your money for like 18 years...

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Skr3wBall Skr3wBall

In response to “But it eats away at you... and takes your...

That doesn't mean it is cancer...

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In response to “But it eats away at you... and takes your...

and it can kill you in some circumstances. You have a valid point I guess. I still would not compare pregnancy to cancer.

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In response to “and it can kill you in some circumstances...

The baby itself does not cause death. Complications caused by the pregnancy or birth can cause death, but the baby does not. Otherwise every pregnant woman would die.

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In response to “The baby itself does not cause death...

Another reason why I am downvoting this post.

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This post reminds me a lot about the House episode where House tells this woman that she has a parasite, and she gets all freaked out only to find that he was really talking about a baby.

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WoIverine WoIverine

Good thing there's a cure for this type if detected early.

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I hope your 18 year old child never has to come home and tell you she has terminal cancer, with no symptoms her whole life, one of the most rare form's out there. Doctor's gave her a choice of chemotherapy with a 3% chance of beating this, and living miserably for the rest of her days, or just live as normal as possible for 4 months. Coming up to the end of the third, I pray that we make it to her 19th birthday. Cancer is no joke, maybe it is to you because you have not experienced this. I pray that you never do. The fact of being able to fix her problems for the past 18 years, and she looks at me and asks "Mom, what do I do, help me, please don't let me die." I feel beyond helpless, watching my daughter fade away, something I cannot fix and no words will describe the pain I feel for my child. It's just not as funny when you are living that reality. God Bless

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