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It's better than someone saying they don't believe in it because they didn't "come from a monkey"...

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Logan Logan


Atomic theory is a theory too. It built the a bomb. Cell theory is also a theory. So is gravity. Evolution is actually a more solid theory than gravity is.

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Frank_n_Furter Frank_n_Furter

Or just a person who doesn't understand basic scientific method

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In response to “Or just a person who doesn't understand basic...

Exactly, a theory is tested, researched, and generally accepted in the scientific sense. It's used loosely to mean an idea, but in science you can almost accept it as fact.

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swimlax swimlax

The greatest harm you can do to science is to ridicule someone else for their ideas. Ideas are powerful. They may lead to discoveries, or they may not, but a multitude of ideas holds a potential far greater than that of some insisting everyone else dogmatically keeps to a specific set of views. And despite the "evidence" available for an evolutionary interpretation, some amount of faith is required by anyone who indeed believes it explains our origins. Everyone places some amount of faith in something. Why is it we always have to ridicule someone else for what they believe? Why does it even matter? All we have is now. Let's not waste time arguing about things that won't change the now.

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acsorg acsorg

It's better than someone saying they don't believe in it because they didn't "come from a monkey"...

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Logan Logan

Gravity is a theory too. It's just not against their faith so they have no issues with it. Funny how that works.

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brunetterox915 brunetterox915

everything that can't really be proven is a theory. the fact that abraham lincoln was president is a theory cause no one can prove it. but for the record he was probably president

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mattreynolds mattreynolds

It depends how strongly they disbelieve it.

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Truuninja Truuninja

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