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Especially when the CIA is one of the biggest drug dealers out there.

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Let's all be honest now. Guys can't get raped because they'll enjoy it and women secretly enjoy it too despite their retarded anti-rape campaigns. Just another way for them to deal with their insecurity about liking rape.

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TheMisogynist TheMisogynist

In response to “Let's all be honest now. Guys can't get...

That was impressively incorrect and unrelated. Thank you.

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mr_e mr_e

In response to “That was impressively incorrect and...

I almost suffocated with his ignorance.

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MissB MissB

In response to “Let's all be honest now. Guys can't get...

You want honesty? Well.

Dear Fucktard, don't mistake "making love" for rape. Rape is forceful, crude and brutal and against the woman's wishes.
But of course, you wouldn't understand, since your very username spells "Misogynist".

I'd suggest you castrate yourself and then come back here and preach about rape, savvy?

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ridiculous is putting it mildly

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fuzala fuzala

Well I know they make sure that rapists don't give too harsh a sentence, because apparently they'd them feel like they need to kill the victim to clean their traces better. I don't agree with that at all, but that's what a detective told me. I believe that murderers often get more, say 25 to life? If it's first degree. But I agree, it's messed up, the whole thing should be reversed.

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Ethan Ethan

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