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I think we should use our prisoners for human/medical experiments, rather than soliciting volunteers or conducting paid studies.

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Yeah! Us and the Nazis!

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Yeah! Us and the Nazis!

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Have you ever heard of "cruel and unusual punishment"?

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Go look up APA guidelines. Right now. Do it. Have you done it yet? Okay. Now tell me that doing this doesn't violate most if not all of those ethical guidelines. Treating humanity with respect is of the utmost importance, even if in the name of science.

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Altoid_Freak_250 Altoid_Freak_250

I dont think any human being should ever be subjected to medial experimentation unwillingly. Just look at Unit 731 and the workings of Dr. Mengele during WW2.

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MammaMia MammaMia

Volunteers all have choices. Prisoners wouldnt.

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Puroboricua13 Puroboricua13

They're still people. The fact that they're in prison doesn't make them subhumans who deserve to have experiments performed on them against their will.

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brunetterox915 brunetterox915

as if the prison system doesn't create enough monsters

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fuzala fuzala

The prison system gets it pretty good, free health care and they get a doctor that visits them frequently. Free food, free place to stay at. While we have to pay for that through our taxes. With this, they would be useful for something.

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coolstory coolstory

In response to “The prison system gets it pretty good, free...

but when they get out of prison
they're gonna unleash their pain out on the rest of us

I say no

it might be unethical to experiment on them without permission

that's why I say go with corporal punishment

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fuzala fuzala

In response to “but when they get out of prison they're gonna...

What about those that get life in prison? Those that can't unleash their pain out on us.

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coolstory coolstory

In response to “What about those that get life in prison?...

they take it out on those who are gonna get out

People in prison who are there temporarily may behave well because they have a chance for freedom

those stuck there permanently don't have that

they have nothing to lose
so they might be more "mean"
and do whatever they please

still ends up affecting those of us who followed the rules

and it goes back to ethics
sure you lose some rights when you do something illegal
but you're still a human being

there are limits of what you can do to an entity that has life in it

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fuzala fuzala

Prisoners have rights

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Purplatious Purplatious

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