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You really have to question the defensive value of the female armour in MMORPGs, amirite?

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Yeah, but their nipples are totally safe.

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BlacklightsAndQueens BlacklightsAndQueens


Not to say I have an issue with it or anything with scantly clad women in MMORPGs. (yum)

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Len Len OP

I imagine they put their shit on and think to themselves "**** it, YOLO!" Then they die, and respawn.

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WolfeDeWary WolfeDeWary

Think it's pretty effective, makes the enemy forget about fighting for a second...

On a side note, which mmo's are you playing?

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StealthApple StealthApple

In response to “Think it's pretty effective, makes the enemy...

I second this question.

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lana lana

In response to “Think it's pretty effective, makes the enemy...

I am currently sometimes playing Runescape. I use to play WoW and Perfect World as well as whatever free MMO I could get my hands on.

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Len Len OP

In response to “I am currently sometimes playing Runescape. I...

Ah right, I used to play WoW too for a long time, haven't touched Mists of Padaria though. I'm planning on starting again after I'm done with my finals for this semester. I just checked out Tera Online, it became Free to Play, it's worth downloading. I'm only like level 13 now but once you leave the starting zone (little island) it gets a lot better :)

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StealthApple StealthApple

Yeah, but their nipples are totally safe.

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BlacklightsAndQueens BlacklightsAndQueens

On a side note, that's why I like Chell in portal, she's not ridiculous. When you can see her.

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amiwhite amiwhite

Well, just in case any of those troll mages go for a vaj-shot, she has the protection of a thin piece of elven cloth. She should be fine.

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Originality_is_Dead Originality_is_Dead

Well damn, if I looked like that, I'd wear skimpy armor stuff too! Could you imagine a hott chick walking down the street wearing armor that barely covers anything? Guys would be scared and turned on at the same time and many girls would be envious.

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Somehow I managed to guess that it was Len who made this post before I saw

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Watchful_questioneer Watchful_questioneer

Any would-be attackers are left ogling at a safe distance. It may be scanty, but it's got decent perv-repellant.

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muddyringlets muddyringlets

"Hon, if your brain told you to dress this way, I don't think you should have it protected."

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LGM007 LGM007

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