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Are you ready for the Google Glass generation?

Google Glass brings online to a whole new level. Imagine billions of people walking around recording and uploading video "live". No more secrets! People at work, people at play, people exploring and all that data available live to everyone. Another level of video search called "live search". If you want to find out what someone is doing simply type in their name and you can see what they see and do. So far the main issue is other people can see you are recording them. In the near future I see that issue going away as devices become smaller and more stealth. I am sure that technology is already in the works. I fired off the new design ten years ago to six companies I thought would do the job. I/O devices and data transmission can be very tiny and undetectable when the computing, software and storage are all in the cloud. Right now they are all in the device which is why it is so big and obvious. When the cloud idea catches on PC's, Iphones, Ipads and all these other cumbersome devices will become obsolete. They will give away the device and sock it to you with a monthly plan. Meanwhile they will continue to petal the same old thing with a new strip of chrome just like the automobile industry has for the last hundred years.

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No. I'm not so glued to the internet and technological devices that I need to walk around with one on my head all the time like an **** who needs to show off his latest iPhone.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman


No. I'm not so glued to the internet and technological devices that I need to walk around with one on my head all the time like an **** who needs to show off his latest iPhone.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

nope its gonna suck..

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No. Everything does not need to be on camera.

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No, I already wear glasses that make me see. also, I don't want that on my face all the time. I don't want to be a creep and tape people. nobody needs on the internet so bad they need to WEAR the damn internet.

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BuddyCakes BuddyCakes

Oh dear... I don't think I am.

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raintrail raintrail

No...Wearing them would probably be too much radiation in my atmosphere. Too much radiation is one cause of cancer.

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BlindMist BlindMist

My stomach churns at the thought.

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JohnJillky JohnJillky

seems already archaic.

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wasteofsperm wasteofsperm

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