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what people at the top?

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fuzala fuzala

The pope, lawyers, politicians, the license to kill given to public servants, the president, Congress, all lazy, treacherous, self-serving, corrupt leeches on society

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mostwanted OP

In response to “The pope, lawyers, politicians, the license...

so congress, the president, etc. are the main ones who benefit from religion?


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fuzala fuzala

They all benefit from the system. There are numerous institutions, but they're all part of the same beast. Vatican law, via their canons papal bulls, and charters govern all systems of law in the world. The UPU, the UN, NATO, all countries, all registered organizations, fall under their domain. Wake up and smell the catholic churches satanic, stinking influence on the lips of all who seek to represent you and command your authority you so willingly give them to lead you to the slaughter. Why is your traffic ticket on yellow pieces of paper? You'd have to ask the Vatican that question

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mostwanted OP

In response to “They all benefit from the system. There are...

The Vatican is a joke compared to what it was in the past. With the molestation issues. The Nazi propagation issues and the decimation of credibility. They might as well hold a garage sale and empty out the vaults.

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Because I've seen it

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