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People say they are getting braces for health reasons, but it is really just for looks. Braces are our culture's version of foot-binding.

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Foot binding damages one's feet for aesthetic purposes. Orthodontia restores teeth to their optimal function in addition to improving their appearance. You can argue there is little functional improvement to straightening slightly imperfect teeth, but fixing crazy bites like mine was imperative.

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perdix perdix


and sometimes not

more often than not
your post is agreeable

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fuzala fuzala

Pretty much, yes. Often countries where they are accused of having "bad teeth" is simply due to the fact that they aren't as obsessed with straight teeth as Americans are; but it doesn't mean that the health of their teeth is bad.

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Logan Logan

I mostly agree, but my teeth were pretty **** up.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

Foot binding damages one's feet for aesthetic purposes. Orthodontia restores teeth to their optimal function in addition to improving their appearance. You can argue there is little functional improvement to straightening slightly imperfect teeth, but fixing crazy bites like mine was imperative.

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perdix perdix

In response to “Foot binding damages one's feet for aesthetic...

I get that. My son had some odd teeth sticking out of his jaw, actually uncomfortable for him. Removed some and straighten the rest. He is a hansom fellow now I must say. I found Johnny Thakkar's thoughts on this subject interesting and had not considered this analogy before.

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VicZinc VicZinc OP

You are altogether beautiful, there is no flaw in you.

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RevBDWaters RevBDWaters

I disagreed, because there are a lot of people who get them for health reasons. Take Sweden for example, around here, we may go because we think our teeth look weird, but our free dental care doesn't cover purely aesthetic changes. Unless something is at risk of getting damaged, you're gonna have to pay for it yourself.

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raintrail raintrail

How is this like foot binding? Braces are to keep teeth straight and stop them from going all higgledy piggledy. Foot binding was a very cruel process designed to keep women slow, subservient and unable to do more with their lives.

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TommyUK1234 TommyUK1234

In response to “How is this like foot binding? Braces are to...

I will have to take your word for it as you are more versed in Eastern culture and history than I am.

Perhaps a better analogy would be ... well there is no other analogy,

so either you think people can be pretty as they are born,
with big feet and crooked teeth

or you think it is ok to force people's body parts
into a new shape by binding them with string or wire

If someone has nonfunctional feet or teeth (or other body parts) then sure, go ahead and fix them up,
but if those parts are functional, just not "pretty"
then you can make a decision
if you want to force them into a new shape with bindings great!
Go for it.

Some people think that societies opinion of beauty trumps what nature has produced.

I don't think there is anything wrong with crooked teeth, in fact I rather like them...

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VicZinc VicZinc OP

In response to “I will have to take your word for it as you...

The vast majority of dentists will only strongly recommend braces in cases where not having them will cause severe problems or discomfort further down the line. Very rarely will dentists strongly recommend them for purely cosmetic reasons. If people CHOOSE to have them because they want straight teeth, then that's their decision and you shouldn't judge them for that either.

I never said that everyone SHOULD have straight teeth, I merely pointed out what braces are for. And Braces are entirely optional, not the case for foot binding during those times.

As for foot binding, it was compulsory, and every woman had to do it. It was actually Mao Zedong who stopped the practice fully nationwide.

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TommyUK1234 TommyUK1234

In response to “The vast majority of dentists will only...

Again I will defer to your wisdom and experience on this as I have not researched dentist's propensity to recommend braces in societies where the procedure is not elective.

Here in the US I was under the impression that about 95% of braces are elective. I am probably wrong. It was elective for both my kids and an out of pocket expense not covered by insurance.

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VicZinc VicZinc OP

In response to “Again I will defer to your wisdom and...

All braces are elective really, but there are cases in which the dentist will strongly recommend it and any parent who's not a negligent monster will agree to it as not having them can lead to some pretty grim results, and I'm not just talking about teeth being a bit crooked.

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TommyUK1234 TommyUK1234

Oh, absolutely. My teeth were messed the **** up, but I could still eat and talk and otherwise function perfectly fine.

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Dude, braces are a pain... and they cost a lot of money. I don't ever want braces again. (I didn't want them in the first place)

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My teeth are slightly crooked, but I've never had the desire to get braces. If I did now im pretty sure it would **** up my partial denture.

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BuddyCakes BuddyCakes

I'm going to agree, even though I have braces. I have crooked teeth, a crooked jaw, and a bit of an overbite. So I needed braces. I didn't mind though, because I though they were kind of cute. Kind of ironic now that I hate them. Braces aren't cute. Food gets stuck in them and this is just gross.

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Orangies Orangies

Some braces are to correct bite. Which causes issue in teeth if not corrected.

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In response to “Some braces are to correct bite. Which causes...

agreed. some. but many get very minor irregularities corrected, mostly because their parents want perfect kids.

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VicZinc VicZinc OP

My brother had an underbite so bad that it required his jaw to be broken & reset then braces to align what that didn't fix. I was one of those lucky kids with head gear. Yikes. But it was worth it in the long run.

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I had braces I don't feel like I've been image molded. I've been pretty girl power my whole life so I never much cared about looking "like totally perf!" or anything

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TomboyJanet TomboyJanet

I've known of people who got braces because their teeth were so out of whack, they couldn't chew properly. Besides, those who do it fr cosmetic reasons have every right to want to look their best.

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JustJimColo JustJimColo

I have braces and they listed a page worth of problems not getting them would have hurt me in the long run.

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Yami_no_KoHime Yami_no_KoHime

In response to “I have braces and they listed a page worth of...

It happens often
I know of many who simply use the procedure cosmetically

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VicZinc VicZinc OP

Yes. To me, braces have their pro's and con's. I didn't like the fact that they sometimes hurt, but I think they looked good on me. plus, you get to choose your own color!

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StephenB StephenB

Braces have got out of hand people are getting them for a crocked tooth that you can even see

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