The savages are not the people who live in the forest, but the people who destroy it for profit.

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The people who destroy it and claim they're "civilizing" the people already there.

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Logan Logan

In response to “The people who destroy it and claim they're...

"It's just assimilation."

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JohnJillky JohnJillky

The savages are those with the wide smiles in suits. Those who carry out their whims are zombies, pawns.. Whatever you choose. The traitors are the ones who fill the ballot boxes knowingly ignorant. The ironic are those who see defeat as victory over created enemies with no logical plan of their own. The winners are those who choose not to choose the lesser of evils, and cook for their family instead.

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wow, you're not a populist douche at all...

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In response to “wow, you're not a populist douche at all...

Yes I am.
Look it up.
Right there in the dictionary
under "Populist Douche"
is a picture of me
how could you miss it?

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VicZinc VicZinc OP

wow, witty as ever.

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In response to “wow, witty as ever.

Always a pleasure
to have a witty
and intellectual
with a learned gentlemen
such as yourself.

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VicZinc VicZinc OP

They're savages, savages
Barely even human!

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BetterThanEzra1119 BetterThanEzra1119

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