<b>At what point in the relationship would you let your son or daughter sleep with their partner under your roof?</b>





After they are engaged...

Nobody :(

After they are married...


Only if I like him/her...


When I feel like they've made a commitment....





At what point in the relationship would you let your son or daughter sleep with their partner under your roof?

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Not until they are married.

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StarzAbove StarzAbove


Anytime if I liked their partner.

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Tiffanee Tiffanee


You know you need to find a hobby when you catch yourself counting down until you can start sexually harassing your son's friends.

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Tiffanee Tiffanee

Yes, if I liked their partner definitely. My girl friends mother let me when I was younger than most but then she trusted me to follow her rules.

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OzSurfer OzSurfer

Oh wow! it's too early for this , I haven't even had my first cup of cha and my Girls on a Sleepover with friends and the last thing I wanna think about is my Baby Girl who is 15 having **** period , let alone under my roof. *yawning*

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Darkest_Serenity Darkest_Serenity

Anytime really, but only if I was ok with the fellow. I'd be sitting from my desk with a cat in my lap, and make em do me a favour first. Then ey could see my son/daughter. :P

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Tanor_Faux Tanor_Faux

Not until they are married.

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StarzAbove StarzAbove

In response to “Not until they are married.

I'm not even sure I'd want someone sleeping with my daughter (if I had one) even after they were married. :)

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Sukiesnow Sukiesnow OP

When they come home to visit. From their own life.

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LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred

No child of mine will be living at my house and having **** under my roof. If you're grown enough to open your legs then you're grown enough to get out of my house. Hopefully when they get to know the Lord and his commands about sexual immoralities, and about doing courtships instead, they will learn the importance of saving yourself. Many have done it, it's not impossible like many people say.

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cali93 cali93

After they are both 18

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When I believe they are mature enough...they will do it if you try and stop them, but if you show them respect, they will respect your wishes....

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No kids but when they live together anyhow why forbid it at my house?

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LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred

Yeah, sure. They would just go do it someplace else anyway. I think the same about drugs. I would rather them be in a safe environment doing something that I have no control over otherwise.

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AliceD AliceD

I will be the big bad dad monster who will judge the living crap out of the partner and only and only I approve will I allow for this to go on under my roof. I'd be more strict but then I'd be a hypocrite because I did what the hell I wanted and my parents trust my judgment. Then again, I wasn't wild at all, maybe this is why they trusted me.

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Sunny_the_skeptic Sunny_the_skeptic

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