🔥 What kind of heating do you have in your home? 🔥


🔥 What kind of heating do you have in your home? 🔥

Explained by Tiffanee...

I can't survive without heating where I live and it is not like I can heat my home with a Walmart receipt and a bunch of Taco Napkins so I crank up the ducted heading.

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These horrible rads...ancient...and they can't be adjusted...

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Sukiesnow Sukiesnow

Wood, propane, electricity.

Mostly wood.

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Carla Carla

Gas furnace.

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StarzAbove StarzAbove

Electric, gas ventless, and fireplace. Very toasty.

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Inmate287753 Inmate287753

I use electric to heat my home. Honestly I wish I had a fireplace. I know my next home will have one.

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Lil_Princess Lil_Princess

Gas, central heating.

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JanHaskell JanHaskell

Forced air. When I was a kid we have radiators. They were very comfortable and steamed off so the didn't get so dry in the winter.

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Will_Janitor Will_Janitor

In response to “Forced air. When I was a kid we have...

Yes, we did too. They ran off fuel oil

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Carla Carla

In response to “Yes, we did too. They ran off fuel oil

Yep fuel oil and hot water heat. Very comfortable but not very efficient.

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Will_Janitor Will_Janitor

Natural gas...Warm heat.

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azlotto azlotto

In the apartmen i live in, AC my bill comes out salty

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Sunny_the_skeptic Sunny_the_skeptic

Electric oven in the kitchen heats the entire house.

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SmartAZ SmartAZ

In response to “Electric oven in the kitchen heats the entire...

Actually, the computer is good enough most of the time. I only have to turn on the oven on cold mornings.

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SmartAZ SmartAZ

Electric as far as I know

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Trish Trish

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