Great teacher quits because...



So what point are you trying to make? What would you like to see change?

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ProdigalSon ProdigalSon

In response to “So what point are you trying to make? What...

Isn't it obvious?

We mustn't piss off the black people!

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Budwick Budwick

In response to “Isn't it obvious? We mustn't piss off the...

Or maybe aspiring teachers should lay off watching movies like Dangerous Minds and Freedom Writers?

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ProdigalSon ProdigalSon

In response to “Or maybe aspiring teachers should lay off...

I'm not familiar with the film. Should I be laughing or getting pissed?

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Budwick Budwick

In response to “I'm not familiar with the film. Should I be...

Well the movie is about a white girl that goes to teach at a school in the projects and of course makes a hugely profound impact on their the setting of them stabbing and shooting at each other on a regular basis.

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ProdigalSon ProdigalSon

That video had a lot of excellent content - valid content. THANK you for that post ;)

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PartyOfOne PartyOfOne

I have no interest in messages from hell.

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SmartAZ SmartAZ

You will get the amount of abuse you tolerate. From day one in school, violence and abuse must be treated very seriously. If you assault someone, you get suspended. If you do it too many times or it's too serious, you get expelled, end of story. Then you're stuck with remedial education, or home based schooling, but you don't come back, at least not that year, and if they do let you in the next year it will be because you apologized and promise not to let it happen again and understand that if it does happen again, that's it, you're out.

Would that mean some kids would be denied an education at public schools? Yes, absolutely it would, but they're not getting an education as it is anyway, those students aren't there to learn and they don't emerge from school with an education, they just make life miserable for everyone else. Kicking out the bad apples would allow the majority to relax, feel safe and focus their energy on getting the education they're presently being denied by hooligans.

Besides, people tend to conform to what's expected of them, students would take their conduct seriously if those were the stakes, and no bias either, everybody is held to the same standards.

They let standards slip, they let people stay when they should have gone, and what they have today is the result - complete dysfunction - a completely dysfunctional learning environment, a place more like prison or hell than an educational institution.

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Maze Maze

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