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Nobody :(
If you won a lottery Jackpot the first thing you would do is quit your job. Amirite?

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first thing i would do is recheck my ticket

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name name


the jackpot never lasts :)

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ArchAngel ArchAngel

In response to “the jackpot never lasts :)

haha, i wanted to see if people actually would do it. I would invest money in my private business and make more out of it. :)...obviously haha

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Assua Assua OP

In response to “haha, i wanted to see if people actually...

There's always a few nutters out there :P

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ArchAngel ArchAngel

I would buy as many Apple products as possible and destroy them all simply out of spite.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

In response to “I would buy as many Apple products as...

lol made no sense but its also a wish :P

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Assua Assua OP

In response to “lol made no sense but its also a wish :P

haha.. does the edit make any sense?

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

In response to “haha.. does the edit make any sense?

hahaha good one!! :D

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Assua Assua OP

Probably not. After tax, I'd only have like $10.
Just kidding~
I'd have a college fund, buy a nice computer and car, and give the rest to my mom because she's more responsible than I am.

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Katffro Katffro

first thing i would do is recheck my ticket

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name name

I would get rid of all of my debts, help the people I know out financially, then I would buy a nice sized home, make it awesome with fancy technology, put a good amount into my bank account to keep me stable financially, and then I would give the rest to charity. As you can probably tell, I've spent some time thinking about this.

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Avatar_Roku Avatar_Roku

Bank it. Live of the interest. Boom.

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Pigeon Pigeon

Yep. I would quit, move to Costa Rica, or another tropical country where my money will be worth a lot and live in a tiny hut on the beach. Maybe open a small store to live off of.

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Sqwancho Sqwancho

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