<b>Where is the magic?</b>



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Within you

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BlindMist BlindMist

It is all around ya

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Lil_Princess Lil_Princess

I think he's retired.

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Bub Bub

Magic, schmagic... I just wanna get high...

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Thinkerbell Thinkerbell

Was on a road trip back in 2001. Me and two friends stopped at a rest stop out in the middle of nowhere Utah. We walked about 3 miles down a path before we found a Native American woman who had a blanket laid out with Dreamcatchers. My friends KnewI collected them. They walked on. The lady told me to pick the one I want. I picked out a small gray one. I asked "how much?" The lady just held up her hand and refused to take my money. I offered several times. I offered to buy more. She shook her head. She wouldn't sell me any of them. She simply gave me the one I wanted. I accepted and ran to catch up with my friends who had hiked ahead. I showed them my dreamcatcher. I turned and looked back down the trail. The lady was gone. She was nowhere when we hiked back. That Dreamcatcher has been hanging on my wall above my bed everywhere I've lived. Far over a decade. Magic is everywhere.

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In that gaps science can't explain for now

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Willcooper Willcooper

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