<b>People can die so easily.</b> <em>Do you see it that way, too...</em>

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People can die so easily. Do you see it that way, too...

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Yup, you wouldn't believe how many things that could have killed you today that you have absolutely no control over.

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Sunny_the_skeptic Sunny_the_skeptic


Yup. Any one of us could die today. Scary thought but that is reality. Life is more fragile than most people think.

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Tiffanee Tiffanee

In a blink....

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Carla Carla

Yes I do also. Anything can happen at any time. You just never know when your number is up.

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Rooster Rooster

There is nothing easy about death.

Not, when you are the one, who is responsible. My scars could cover Africa.

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ZonkeyBalls ZonkeyBalls

In response to “There is nothing easy about death. Not, when...

Some die pretty hard.

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AliceD AliceD

Given all the things that could kill us it is amazing most of us make it to old!

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Blewynanifail Blewynanifail

Yup, you wouldn't believe how many things that could have killed you today that you have absolutely no control over.

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Sunny_the_skeptic Sunny_the_skeptic

Yes, a heartbeat away, for all of us.

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Piper2 Piper2

We don't die, we move on...so quickly can we depart this life , in the briefest moment....

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Death walks with me on this journey through this life, like an old buddy waiting for me to return to his fold. We get on pretty well :)

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AliceD AliceD

In response to “Death walks with me on this journey through...

Cling to life while you can.

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Sukiesnow Sukiesnow OP

In response to “Cling to life while you can.

Oh I will, Just me buddy Death and I do it together :)

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AliceD AliceD

Yes I do see it that way, and have seen as well

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Brianl Brianl

Every thing and being on this planet is easily brought to deaths door. Natural selection eliminates those without sense far more quickly than one of caution.

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Vrendowl Vrendowl

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