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Nobody :)


You're immature if you consider the sometimes bad results of your antics are the result of being carefree instead of what they usually are: being careless.

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In response to “

LOLOLOL - - and here I was expecting some god awful moral-to-the-story happy ending...

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Bub Bub OP

When you're right you're right!

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JanHaskell JanHaskell

I agreed and I'm stupid enough to admit, that I didn't really catch the difference between those two terms. I understand the premise, as such, but still... Who the hell gives a shit? Actions speak louder than words, dad.

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ZonkeyBalls ZonkeyBalls

I'm just careful....hehe

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In response to “I'm just careful....hehe

Pretty soon I'll doubtless need long-term care... :(

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Bub Bub OP

That road won't be around for a long long time..

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In response to “That road won't be around for a long long time..

Again... come back as a mod and kick that other one aside... I'm not saying who... (hehe)

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Bub Bub OP

In response to “Again... come back as a mod and kick that...

She's disappeared

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In response to “She's disappeared

Maybe she was whisked away as a birthday present to some far-off isle...

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Bub Bub OP

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