The words "minority" and "discrimination" go hand-in-hand, <strong>amirite?</strong>

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There are many kinds of discrimination, not all against minorities.

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JanHaskell JanHaskell


In many cases yes, but not always.

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Will_Janitor Will_Janitor

I agree with Will. Sometimes but not always as not everyone thinks like that!

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Rooster Rooster

Hey I'm 4% Cherokee that makes me 4% victim!

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Sunny_the_skeptic Sunny_the_skeptic

We are ALL minorities in some way or another. Some have just turned claiming to be a victim because of it, into an art form.

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JustJimColo JustJimColo

There are many kinds of discrimination, not all against minorities.

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JanHaskell JanHaskell

They sure do. Might is right still rules. This is humanity's weakness.

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Bub Bub

To liberals yes. In reality no. Liberals today insist that things that really isn’t discriminatory at all is worse then slavery. Yet liberals on average are the real racists

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Anonymousmouse Anonymousmouse

Not necessarily. It has a great deal to do with the particular "minority" you are talkinjg about. Also, the word "discrimination" has taken on a very negative connotation over the past fifty or so years. All the word really basically means is how people choose to tell some people apart from other people. Then, some of those methods used to categorize people became objectionable. For example, there was a time back during the early days of the United States when people who were Roman Catholic in religious practice were vilified and shunned by the rest of society. And I also remember back in the days when I was growing up, it was very popular to tell "Pollock" jokes about people who were of Polish ancestry.

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goblue1968 goblue1968

Right, sh9683, the first thing liberals do is identify which "victim minority" a particular person belongs to, starting with skin color and then proceeding from there to tell them how to complain about how badly they are being treated. The fact that they start with the skin color discrimination is proof that they are the real racists!

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goblue1968 goblue1968

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