Here is some gun control i can get behind no guns for liberals and their ilk.

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don't expect the loonieleft peckerheads
to join you in civil discussion on your post

I notice NONE have the BALLS to debate your facts

I got the same problem
snark, namecalling, insults
I do get that

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Neanderthal_Momdoer Neanderthal_Momdoer


don't expect the loonieleft peckerheads
to join you in civil discussion on your post

I notice NONE have the BALLS to debate your facts

I got the same problem
snark, namecalling, insults
I do get that

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Neanderthal_Momdoer Neanderthal_Momdoer

i bet they where all promised some reward for their families for shooting people to further the liberal agenda

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Anonymousmouse Anonymousmouse

Our country having even MORE Gun laws for our law abiding citizens will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to deter/stop the LUNACTICS in our country from committing mass murders. Outlawing guns for law abiding citizens will ONLY result in OUTLAWS/criminals having guns because they DON'T CARE about following the rules in our country!!!
What don't you unicorn and rainbow mined liberals get...Prohibition didn't work the way you intended, our Governments "war on drugs" didn't work(70% of Americans are now on some kind of prescribed anti-depression/mood altering drugs) and Tipper Gore's "war" on music lyrics back in the 80's advocating for PARENTAL LABELS only resulted in artists able to "sing" the most disgusting lyrics in their songs that no lyricists prior to her crusade would ever have written those nasty lyrics in their songs. Yet you liberals want BIG GOVERNMENT to ban guns IGNORANTLY thinking do so will make our country safe from unstable lunatics wanting to commit mass murders... once again IGNORANTLY thinking more gun laws or banning guns all together will somehow make lunatics who are hell bent on committing mass murders will somehow deter their f'd up minds from doing so just because they can't get guns...hello they'll just find another weapon/way to commit their mass murders WITHOUT guns as Timothy McVeigh did!!!!

How do you liberals not get that COMMON SENSE logic???

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Gronk17 Gronk17

In response to “Our country having even MORE Gun laws for our...

Did you see Jimmy Kimmle's fake teary eyed rant? I mean that dumb **** claims we erect walls and enact travel bans if Muslims attack us mind you we haven't done any of those the wall is being blocked the travel ban was over turned and he acts like it is real. I mean liberals expect people to be as ignorant as they are when it comes to guns.

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ergoproxy ergoproxy OP

In response to “Did you see Jimmy Kimmle's fake teary eyed...

I stopped watching late night TV "comedians" and SNL after Trump won because of how angry, unhinged and unfunny their shows became.... but I do see clips online of their nightly ANGRY rants as "comedians" against Trump as well as watching clips of a once funny Kimmel crying a lot in his opening monologue lol!!!
Eh these OUT OF TOUCH freakin' POLITICALLY ignorant celebrities have absolutely no clue whatsoever that in the long run, that they're actually killing their own lucrative careers as our COURT JESTERS by becoming political activists for the loony left.

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Gronk17 Gronk17

In response to “I stopped watching late night TV...

Frankly after events like this it makes me want to go hunting democrats seriously Jimmy Kimmel had his debut on the man show as that married cuck we all laughed at.

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ergoproxy ergoproxy OP

In response to “Frankly after events like this it makes me...

Celebrities along with our msm are doing just fine on their own of destroying the Democrat there's no need to be hostile towards them as they are towards WE THE PEOPLE.
The Democrat party of today is so freakin' OUT OF TOUCH with the working middle class American people, that the Dem's are actually STILL using these wealthy, ridiculously overpaid "A-list" celebrities/ entertainers/COURT JESTERS to spread their "progressive" agenda lol!! Still having no clue whatsoever that us INFORMED Americans living in the real world DON'T GIVE A RAT'S A** about their opinions.
You'd think they'd get how irrelevant they are after Hillary lost even having all the "A-list" celebrities of movie stars, "A-list" athletes and "A-list" musicians all publically supporting her...nope the DNC still just doesn't get it.

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Gronk17 Gronk17

What's wrong with you? Do you know who these scum actually are? If so how dare you defend them?

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Trish Trish

This is more idiotic than most RW & LW ****. As if the right is bereft of wing nuts and liberalism leads to mass murder.
Get real.

The root cause of these acts is the same as most of the other social ills we suffer including alcoholism, suicide and teenage pregnancy.
It's the inequality and injustice created by the most destructive system known to man. American Capitalism. The same system that has half the people in the richest country in history in or near poverty and half on psychotropic drugs because it's profitable while a handful sit on trillions. Now they want to reward the crooks who evaded taxes by cutting their taxes.

How different would this country be if we locked up the real crooks?

After crashing the economy and illegally foreclosing on millions of families did any bankers, who had stolen billions, go to jail? No, we bailed them out. Money they used to give themselves bonuses.
When Wells Fargo recently defrauded its own customers of millions did anyone go to jail? But steal a loaf of bread to feed your family and they lock your **** up.

We should be going after the system that allows this insanity but this country is too brainwashed with free market **** to figure it out and idiotic crap like this is the proof.

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urwutuis urwutuis

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