Paper towels to mop up after a hurricane. That could work.

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Paper towels to mop up after a hurricane. That could work.

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Oh yes...
Let me soak up this leftover polluted, nasty mess from my walls and floors. A roll of will quickly pick it up.

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Carla Carla

Bounty - the quicker picker-upper.

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Linnster Linnster

Paper towels are very useful for some things, no doubt. Throwing them at people who need far, far more than paper towels while diminishing what they're going through, not such a good "image". :/

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Piper2 Piper2

In response to “Paper towels are very useful for some things... generous:[

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Carla Carla

I was thinking for a second because I'm half asleep "who has done this , is it a paper towel company , well that's generous" then I read Pipers comment

Googled your title and now I see who was throwing them at People who are still without Power but what Shocks me more is when he was told 16 died because of the Hurricane by the Governor of Puerto Rico bearing in mind that (3 million people are still without power) Trump came back with

"the storm wasn’t a “real catastrophe” like Hurricane Katrina."

For the Love of God , who would say such a thing when Mother nature has left such devastation in the paths of these people (no) the insensitivity of this Man who should be seen to care astounds me.

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Darkest_Serenity Darkest_Serenity

In response to “I was thinking for a second because I'm half...

He is a narcissist. He doesnt even have enough awareness to fake it.

But then....he has procured 29 billion for aid. If he would have started with that, it would have left a better taste.

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Carla Carla

The quicker picker upper!

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Chris_PHAET_Demon Chris_PHAET_Demon

I was wondering what the impetus for this post was. I just found out. (sad)

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PhilboydStudge PhilboydStudge

sure you can clean up a counter, might as well just wipe everything on the floor cause there will be plenty to take care of.. IF you have any house left at all.

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LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred

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