<em>Would you like to be able to clean yourself like a cat does?</em>


Would you like to be able to clean yourself like a cat does?

Explained by Sukiesnow...

And then, out of helpfulness...help a friend...lick them, too...if they missed a spot....tee hee...

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No, I'd prefer not to be puking up hairballs.

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Piper2 Piper2


......."here kitty, kitty"

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Freeranger Freeranger

If we could have done that, we would have never left home while going through puberty.

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JustJimColo JustJimColo

No, I'd prefer not to be puking up hairballs.

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Piper2 Piper2

Um, no. I favor cleaning myself with toilet paper over licking myself clean with my tongue.

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PhilboydStudge PhilboydStudge

I wonder if cats think we are dirty because they have never seen us lift our leg up, once.

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dru18 dru18

No, I know where I've been.

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ozzyboy ozzyboy

I'll stick with a shower and no fleas...

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DandyDon DandyDon

Why does a dog lick his balls? Because he can.

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JustJimColo JustJimColo

How would I reach my elbows?

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Sunny_the_skeptic Sunny_the_skeptic

Our toungues would have to be huge-but that would be useful for catching flies.

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Blewynanifail Blewynanifail


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Brianl Brianl

noo i prefer to clean myself like a human

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Skunky Skunky

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