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Why is it that we wonder about so much: the height of the mountains, the depth of the sea, motives of men, the meaning of art, and the stars and the moon above, yet we so seldom look inward and question our own motives?

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I think you have this one in reverse

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Bub Bub


Wonder is a beautiful thing. People utilize it differently. Admittedly, my wonder was largely focused outward when I was younger, though it is now a mixture of questioning that without and that which originates within. It was looking outward that prompted me to look inward. I am ever in awe over all that I find.

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Bozette Bozette

I think you have this one in reverse

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Bub Bub

In response to “Please say more

Humankind may forever be wondering about the mountains, stars and why representations of soup cans can be considered art but I think less and less about those things as time goes by. More and more I find myself looking inward while asking myself questions like "has my life been a fruitless quest for shit I never needed in the first place?"... and "Is it too late to change my way of thinking? Why I am so damn sad all the time?"

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Bub Bub

In response to “Humankind may forever be wondering about the...

ah yes, youth is impetuous while maturity brings introspection.

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ErasmusB_FurmanSmall ErasmusB_FurmanSmall OP

I think people do question their motives which is what makes them afraid to take action.

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VicZinc VicZinc

To look deeply into one's self means that you may find something you don't like.

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Linnster Linnster

In response to “To look deeply into one's self means that you...

I think that is what stops many.

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ErasmusB_FurmanSmall ErasmusB_FurmanSmall OP

In response to “I think that is what stops many.

I would agree.

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Linnster Linnster

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