23 Trillion $ in Off Shore Accounts

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Explained by urwutuis...

The Paradise Papers have revealed the amount of money hidden in tax havens with the most recent estimates at a mind boggling 23 trillion dollars. If a million dollars was an inch this would be a stack about 362 miles high. There is a modest 5 story building in the cayman Islands that is headquarters to over 18,000 corporations. And they say crime doesn't pay.

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Why am I not shocked by this?

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Linnster Linnster


Why am I not shocked by this?

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Linnster Linnster

What is your source for your number of 23 trillion?

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JustJimColo JustJimColo

In response to “What is your source for your number of 23...

Two years ago it was estimated at $21-32 trillion.

This article pegs it at £23 trillion, which is greater than $23 trillion.

Many are digging into the 13+ million files available here:

Knock yourself out, Jim. (biggrin)

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Bozette Bozette

In response to “Two years ago it was estimated at $21-32...

:) I never said I didn't "believe" the numbers. I just wanted the source so I could read up on it. (Which you graciously provided)

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JustJimColo JustJimColo

In response to “Two years ago it was estimated at $21-32...

I wonder how much of that is "political" accounts, from all countries. Politicians have to hide the graft they get from corruption somewhere.

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JustJimColo JustJimColo

In response to “I wonder how much of that is...

They seem to be doing fine flaunting a good deal of it, but I'm sure some is stashed as well. I would imagine there is some black money, too. The shenanigans possible with our monetary system fairly boggle the mind.

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Bozette Bozette

Sounds like a good place for a cat 5 hurricane to visit. Maybe it will blow some of the money where it will do some good. :)

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Will_Janitor Will_Janitor

how much of that 23 trillion are you intitled to through Taxation?

lower the tax rates
much of those funds will be repatriated

not my money
so I worry about it

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Neanderthal_Momdoer Neanderthal_Momdoer

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