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I'm surprised Roy Moore wants a recount; a large gap in numbers never bothered him before.

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(biggrin)(biggrin)(biggrin) Good one Mcfly! lol

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StarzAbove StarzAbove


(biggrin)(biggrin)(biggrin) Good one Mcfly! lol

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StarzAbove StarzAbove

You're surprised when the Sun comes up every day.

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Budwick Budwick

In response to “You're surprised when the Sun comes up every day.

Why wouldn't I?
Alabama was so close to electing a pedophile, surely an apocalypse is imminent!
First Trump now this...

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Mcfly Mcfly OP

In response to “Why wouldn't I? Alabama was so close to...

Do you know the definition of pedophile? As for the woman who alleged inappropriate behavior when she was 14, her tales are all falling apart. Yet you and people like you have already convicted him. I don't know if any of it is true, but the last I checked we are still innocent until PROVEN in a court of law to be guilty.

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Seonag Seonag

In response to “Do you know the definition of pedophile? As...

You talk of one woman when there are more coming forward?

That alone speaks volumes :)

Anyways I'm fairly certain you're the same people who cried for Clinton guiltiness without her day in court.
So no hypocrites please. y'all are only making it worse for yourselves :)

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Mcfly Mcfly OP

In response to “You talk of one woman when there are more...

So, you are defending Clinton having a sexual encounter in the Oval Office. The difference with Clinton is the allegations went way back to when he was in Arkansas and Arkansas AG (1977.) The guy even had the State Police covering for him. People didn't just come forward 45 days before Clinton's 1992 election. They'd been coming forward for a decade and a half. But 'y'all' covered for him until it was more convenient to throw him under the bus.

And I'll note that there was nothing illegal with a 30+ year old dating a 16-17 year old. Did you scream bloody murder and call Jerry Seinfeld names when, at the ripe old age of 38 he dated a 17 year old?

As for the woman with the yearbook, she first said the entire inscription was Judge Moore's. Then she admitted adding to it. Makes one wonder about her entire story, especially when Gloria is involved!

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Seonag Seonag

In response to “Why wouldn't I? Alabama was so close to...

Fly, your necromancers keep predicting all kinds of shit that never happens. Everything from Russian collusion to impeachment. I'm going to offer this one time special bit of advice - my Christmas gift to you.

Come back to reality.

Your rants make you look a fool.

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Budwick Budwick

Even Alabama can't believe they finally did the right thing.

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MonaLea MonaLea

Oh my lord will he just shut the ** up seriously Im so sick of this recount shit. I didn't demand a recount when Trump won, i said the system is ** yes but I didn't demand a recount.

Also hilarious post XD right on

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TomboyJanet TomboyJanet

As far as I've read, he has not called for a recount, but is waiting for the absentee ballots (mostly military) to be counted on 12/19 and the election to be certified. At that point, he will decide. NOTHING wrong with that.

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Seonag Seonag

just like election was not rigged until democrtas lost and then they cried "rigged' lol

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Anonymousmouse Anonymousmouse

In response to “just like election was not rigged until...


Atleast our person didn't date teens

Depends on how low your standards are though!

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Mcfly Mcfly OP

In response to “Eh Atleast our person didn't date...

that is disgusting, and i agree he should not be leader, however, the double standard here is hilary willingly defended a pedophile in court in the 80's yet no MSM outrage over that. i bet your not even outraged over that

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Anonymousmouse Anonymousmouse

In response to “that is disgusting, and i agree he should not...

Oh and there’s the whole
Thing of innocent till proven guilty the left wing nuts tend to ignore when it comes to accusing republicans. And quick to turn a blind eye when a Democrat does the same thing.

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Anonymousmouse Anonymousmouse

That's funny, thanks I needed a laugh today

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Flrdsgns Flrdsgns

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