Moment On A Horse


Moment On A Horse

Explained by Freeranger...

Am I bored? Ha! No......I'm posting challenges. Yours is to find the most engaging, sensual connection between a human and a horse. Whatcha got kids?

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Lol no way in hell I'm google image searching this one. Nice try.

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ProdigalSon ProdigalSon

In response to “Lol no way in hell I'm google image searching...

you metro-sexuals. No guts. ;)

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Freeranger Freeranger OP

These gals are on horses...and hot.

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azlotto azlotto

In response to “These gals are on horses...and...

Love That gal!

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Will_Janitor Will_Janitor

Does a shetlon pony count as a horse?

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Will_Janitor Will_Janitor

In response to “Does a shetlon pony count as a horse?

for the vertically challenged buddy ;)

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Freeranger Freeranger OP

Reminds me of an old song..

Shapely Susan - Seventeen
Tells us she loves riding horses
In the altogether
But it makes her boyfriend jealous

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PhilboydStudge PhilboydStudge

In response to “Reminds me of an old song.. //Shapely Susan...

Phil reels something in from beyond the veil.....

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Freeranger Freeranger OP

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Will_Janitor Will_Janitor

In response to “<iframe width="560"...

...and NOW, a word from our sponsor.
"Invasion not going well?"...."send a give-a-shit-boquet from STD." "The line will thank you for it...."

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming which is already in progress....

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Freeranger Freeranger OP

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