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Explained by ezhil...

Every invention and development meant to help people are converted into some commercial activity by the wicked people to amass wealth and in the process create more and more misery

Ez, if someone sends time and money to develop "systems, science to alleviate human suffering", they deserve to be rewarded for their risk.

Admittedly, we've seen some examples recently of douchebags going over the top and way over charging. They get exposed, shamed and corrected.

But, without the promise of benefit to the inventor, inventors would not invent.

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Budwick Budwick

Great inventions were made not with any expectations.Inventors should be rewarded by way of praise and not by economic rewards.The benefit the inventors get is the great recognition from the society. Economic rewards induce fraud and cheating.

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ezhil OP

That's quite a load of hate you are carrying there. It is affecting your judgment.

Few people really know how or why the industrial revolution happened. Most assume that it happened because James Watt invented a steam engine. That is a typical assumption, considering that we Americans are mostly interested in our gadgets. The steam engine has been reinvented and forgotten several times in the last 2,000 years. The first known inventor was an Egyptian named Hero or Heron, and he could not think of any use for it other than to open the doors to a shrine.

The inventions that are unique to the modern period are:
* mass production, invented by Sam Colt to make pistols
* gonzo marketing, of which Diamond Jim Brady is the most famous example
* consumer financing, invented by Isaac Singer to sell sewing machines
* the savings bank, invented by Noah Webster

Prior to Mr. Webster, the dictionary guy, usury was condemned by almost everybody. Mr. Webster reasoned that it was ok for a man to own part of a business and to receive a portion of the profits, so it must be equally ok to deposit money with a steward who had a talent for investing in successful businesses. The depositor would not actually own a business, but he would have an interest in his steward's dealings and was entitled to be paid for his interest. Prior to that there was no such thing as retirement. People saved what they could of their earnings, or they hoped their children could support them, or they worked until they dropped. The savings bank was an obvious winner, and millions of people deposited their savings to get the benefit of compound interest, thereby providing huge amounts of investment money for new industries such as the recently reinvented steam engine.

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that_guy that_guy

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