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Can a house really be haunted?

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Even just places...

I understand the pull for the living to symbolize an area where a beloved met with a fatal crash - but's not a good idea.

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Sukiesnow Sukiesnow


There are those who swear it can be. I'd have to experience something personally---I don't see that happening. But I DO believe that the WWII Nazi concentration camps like Auschwitz have left a terrible sort of aura and sadness behind.

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Freeranger Freeranger

No. People have over-active imaginations. Houses can be spooky but not haunted.

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Tiffanee Tiffanee

Even just places...

I understand the pull for the living to symbolize an area where a beloved met with a fatal crash - but's not a good idea.

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Sukiesnow Sukiesnow

No, I don't think so. Some old homes just look creepy and people let their imaginations run away with them.

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StarzAbove StarzAbove

Only by stale smoke and old farts that reek.

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Rooster Rooster

I have midgets living in my cellar, they make **** when I'm at work, so you tell me

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symplycurious symplycurious

1. (of a ghost) manifest itself at (a place) regularly.
"a gray lady who haunts the chapel"
synonyms: appear in, materialize in; visit
"a ghost haunts this house"
1. a place frequented by a specified person or group of people.
"I revisited my old haunts"
synonyms: hangout, stomping ground, stamping ground, meeting place;

IOW you are asking if ghosts are real.

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that_guy that_guy

Not based on my beliefs.

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PartyOfOne PartyOfOne


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