Modern art has no place to go

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Modern art has no place to go

Explained by Chuck_Tom...

What comes after ridiculously weird?

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I love modern art. I despise "shock art" like bodily fluids, corpses, feces, etc to make a "statement".

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Trish Trish


I AGREE. However, modern art has had no place to go for quite a long time and 'artists' whose skills never advanced beyond a pre-school level still manage to find pretentious critics and benefactors that will promote their work.

So, I suspect we'll be saddled with crappy art work to greet us at museums and public lobbies.

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Budwick Budwick

If I look at something that's supposed to be art and I can't decide if it was made by a young child or a young child with a blind fold on.

I don't consider it art... no matter what some stuffy, sweater vest wearing, talking through their teeth idiot named Buffy....tries to tell me.

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DandyDon DandyDon

In response to “!!!! (a very short...

Not bad... for a elephant..

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DandyDon DandyDon

In response to “Not bad... for a elephant..

The vivacity... the colors!
You'll notice her brushstrokes evoke a wistful ennui reminiscent of a youthful Monet... or of a senile Manet

Art critic blather like that?? (hehe)

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Chuck_Tom OP

Ducks have flat feet from stamping out forest fires.

Elephants have flat feet from stamping out flaming ducks.

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that_guy that_guy

In response to “Ducks have flat feet from stamping out forest...


Giraffes have long necks for spitting on burning elephants. (hehe)

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Chuck_Tom OP

Some people prefer art to have boundaries and definitions.

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Sukiesnow Sukiesnow

At the time impressionism was first being practiced, people saw it is violating standards, as rebelling against the norm (still lifes and landscapes were not celebrated art at the time). The Salon des Refusees ("the reject room") housed much impressionistic artwork when it was new; people came to laugh at it because it was so bad. Those works people derided are now regarded as some of the greatest works of all time.

My point is that what defines "good art" changes with time. Certainly there are a lot of pretenders in the art world; but the fact is that most people who just throw a bucket of paint at a canvas are not taken seriously. People always say "I could do that", but you didn't. And they did. Consider what the difference might be. Also keep in mind that most artists struggle to make a living, even if they do gain some notoriety. It's not as if modern art is a one-way ticket to success.

Abstract art can be beautiful; and some of it is bad, just like all art. Art is not defined by photorealism. Realism is only one facet of art, but it's not a standard by which all art should be judged.

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Logan Logan

I love modern art. I despise "shock art" like bodily fluids, corpses, feces, etc to make a "statement".

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Trish Trish

In response to “I love modern art. I despise "shock...


In truth, I disagree with my own post.
There. I am now a Disagree... so I agreed to disagree with myself.

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Chuck_Tom OP

It can go somewhere ... just not in MY home. LOL

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Walt_OReagun Walt_OReagun

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