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Explained by Freeranger...

Now THIS is cool! In 2016, our good friend, (and archeologist), Sam stumbled upon this massive sphere in the forest near the Bosnian town of Zavidovici. People have been hotly debating ever since. What do you think? Rock on!

Wow! He has a very good point. How could something so cylindrical have not been man made? Excellent article and a great post! These are the kinds of posts I like to see on here.

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Rooster Rooster

In response to “Wow! He has a very good point. How could...

I'm with you. I'm a sucker for this stuff. Brother "Jones" threw his opinion out there, that this was part of an ancient civilization (sorry, can't buy that)...but if you read on, and consider the opinions of others such as fellow archeologist Semir Osmanagich, his opinion is that the "brown and red color of the ball point to very high content of the iron” that leads experts to believe this is a naturally occurring spherical rock called a concretion. Many concretions are iron rich so they take on a reddish appearance. But then you have to ask the obvious question. Why haven't more of these balls been found?
Unleash the weird accompanying music. ;)

Forbes article from 2016:

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Freeranger Freeranger OP

Good question!

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Rooster Rooster

In response to “Good question!

clearly Rooster....they got us by the balls

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Freeranger Freeranger OP

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