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Are you more good or bad? I’m struggling with this question so I’d like to think 50-50. But that probably makes me bad.

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Better than most.

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Better than most.

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I would say I run in the 50/50 range also. Most things, I'm pretty mellow about but some thing light me off and I can get nasty. I don't think it's bad, just the things life throws at you and how you respond to them.

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Rooster Rooster

5050 is my general mood

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Sunny_the_skeptic Sunny_the_skeptic

In response to “5050 is my general mood

So, you fix the every other tooth... I see... Hmmmmmmm...

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ZonkeyBalls ZonkeyBalls

I'd say I'm about 35% bad.

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Linnster Linnster

I'm a real bad son of a ****!!! 乂^◡^乂

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Ada Ada

Probably 80% good, 20% bad when provoked.

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StarzAbove StarzAbove

Wow, you guys had me buffaloed! 50/50? 35/65?

What are you thinking is bad?
Expressing frustration when the lawn mower won't start?
Getting frustrated when you run into an unexpected detour?

Seriously, I just don't think of any of you doing anything really bad.
Are you counting thoughts of doing something bad?
How about telling an ** that he's an **?
[IMO that's not bad. I'm doing him a favor! He might not know!]

Maybe it's already apparent, but I think I am either a saint compared to you guys, or I'm using a different scale. I'm also not counting stuff from the way gone passed for which I have repented. Not 100%, not possible. But PF good I think.

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Budwick Budwick

In response to “Wow, you guys had me buffaloed! 50/50?...

Yeah but but but it's no very cool being good. (hehe)

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Ada Ada

Are you expecting a sudden, screaming death of a dozen or so? Please, I'm about to set up my own helicopter transport agency. We call ourselves "The Horrible Whiskers", because we have an otter as our... What? We can't mention, what? Oh... So, ah... We don't have an otter, we have a reindeer instead. Have fun. **** off. Soon.

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ZonkeyBalls ZonkeyBalls

Neither good nor bad are words I use to define myself.

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ForkNdaRoad ForkNdaRoad

Im with that forkndaroad. I just am.

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Carla Carla

I'm 70 % good and 35 % bad, Like Tony Montana says:

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SynysterGates SynysterGates

I would rate myself as a pretty good person but those who have crossed me my have a different opinion of just how good I am.

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ozzyboy ozzyboy

I'm more good...

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Zolfie Zolfie

We are in a constant flux between what is deemed good and bad.. All have light, just as all have darkness. I tend to care more for others, thus neglecting myself, some would consider this good for mankind, but others would consider this bad because of the lack of self-preservation.

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Vrendowl Vrendowl

I'm good at what I do and on the flip side of that don't ever piss me off it's not pretty

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symplycurious symplycurious

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