What would you order from Amazon? <em>Using the alphabet, please name something you'd buy.</em>

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What would you order from Amazon? Using the alphabet, please name something you'd buy.

Explained by Sukiesnow...

To make it more challenging? You could put more restrictions on it like: choice must be under $200 and/or fit into a 2 gallon pail.

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A - anorak

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Sukiesnow Sukiesnow OP

Bombay rice

+333 Reply

Sukiesnow Sukiesnow OP

Convertible Mustang '67

+333 Reply

Sukiesnow Sukiesnow OP

Darlene Duncan's Dewdripped Determinism Developed Dynamite Donuts.

+333 Reply

Sukiesnow Sukiesnow OP

Escargot from gay Paree.

+333 Reply

Sukiesnow Sukiesnow OP

We should do this babe. French kiss

+333 Reply

Freeranger Freeranger

Things I can buy on Amazon with said letters :P

A - Alexa
B - Bluetooth Headphones
C - Condoms
D - Dark Souls
E - Earth, Wind & Fire
F - Fresh Balls
G - Gaming Computer
H - Heavy Rain for PS4
I = iPhone X, but maybe for someone else. :P
J - Japanese Tea Set
K - Kayaks
L - Lingerie for Women
M - Metal Gear Solid IV or V
N = Nintendo Switch
O - Original Content
P - Poland
Q - **** things
R - Ratchet & Clank plushies!
S - **** toys
T - Turbo
U - Underwear
V - Vibrators
W - Whiskey Coffee, can't buy alcohol on Amazon, yet
X - Xbox 360/One
Y - Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards
Z - Zelda stuff :p

+111 Reply

Tanor_Faux Tanor_Faux

S-bought some straws recently.Came from China

+222 Reply

Blewynanifail Blewynanifail

T - Toys

+112 Reply

Zolfie Zolfie

U - Uggs

+111 Reply


V - Vibrating Panties (xp)

+111 Reply

Zolfie Zolfie

I get this feeling... Tanor_ really **** the rest of us in our zonkeys.

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ZonkeyBalls ZonkeyBalls

A nice reel for my fly rod.

*using only letters commonly available in the alphabet*

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AliceD AliceD

I dunno, I just wanted to click the "AGREE" button for a change

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that_guy that_guy

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